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From floods and earthquakes to random slamming doors — sociologists found out, the situations in which the Muscovites call for help emergency workers. In addition, respondents said things we fear the most, and checked himself on the knowledge of the phone number of the rescue service.

How Muscovites behave in emergency situations? Are you ready to prove yourself in a situation SOS? The study of this issue was recently puzzled by an independent research Agency MAGRAM Market Research.

Almost all Muscovites approved of the introduced forces of the emergencies Ministry and active service of SMS alerts. By the way, 91% of respondents said that in the future would like to receive SMS emergency Department.

Also, according to the survey, 23% of Muscovites gave a positive answer to the question “have you personally or your loved ones to deal with the work of EMERCOM of Russia in preventing or resolving emergency situations?”. It is quite a good indicator and evidence of a small number of serious emergencies experienced by the residents of Moscow, say sociologists.

Revealed research Agency, and under what circumstances Muscovites just dial the emergency number.

So, about 95% of the capital will turn to the rescuers in case of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, strong winds, etc.).

As many Muscovites will ask the help of professionals in case of terrorist attacks and technological disasters (explosions in the subway, in buildings, emission of hazardous substances into the air).

A little less, but still many respondents (87%) do not do this without rescue in the event of accidents with people is, in particular, suicide attempt, loss in forest gaps under the ice and the occasional slamming of doors.

As it turned out, not everyone will be able to do without the help of emergency workers in case of emergency with the animals. To help find or rescue from harm, the animal will ask for 26% of Muscovites.

Well, that pleased as sociologists and helpers: 85% of respondents correctly called the emergency number — 112.

But some of the results of the survey, say in the emergency Department could be better. For example, just under half of respondents in the capital were “knowledgeable in varying degrees about what you need to do during an emergency situation.” The result for this question was 46% of the vote. In this case a little more — and that 57% of respondents stated that they will be able to provide first aid to the victim.

By the way, shared the Muscovites and their fears. As it turned out, most of all they are afraid of terrorist attacks (74%), accidents with release of hazardous substances (48%), sudden collapse of buildings (45%), epidemics (38%), fires (34%), earthquakes (24%) and transportation accidents (23%).

The study was conducted on the streets of all administrative districts of Moscow. Was interviewed about 4,000 people.

EMERCOM of Russia in the name of life 2017. Chronicle of events

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