In Moscow the shopping centre escalator “popped” the child’s leg

Three-year-old received a serious leg injury on the escalator “Mosaic” on the 7th the Kozhukhovskaya street on the evening of 15 November. Moscow police have appointed check.

As it became known “MK”, around 19.00 little Stepan accompanied by their parents descended on the escalator from the second to the first floor.

We drove literally 2 seconds later was told by the mother of the injured boy Elena Andreevna. The son stood quietly, suddenly right leg fell into the gap between the skirting and the steps. Escalator emergency has not stopped, in this state we drove to the end of the stairs.

The cries for help came, eyewitnesses and security guards. The escalator stopped, but the leg pull. I had a crowbar to break the steps. When the limb finally pulled, it turned out that the child ripped shoes and badly injured his foot. According to eyewitnesses, it was an open wound, bleeding. Previously it was the turning point. “Ambulance” hospitalized the victim in the Institute of children’s surgery and traumatology. Here, the child was operated. It turned out that’s not broken, but torn tendons. The limb was put in plaster, and as a therapy prescribed antibiotics for 5-7 days.

The baby’s father, an employee of the supermarket, wrote a statement to the police. In his words, this shopping Mall started to come about five times, rode the escalators, and everything was fine. The investigative Committee began its review.

According to the press service of the shopping center “Mosaic”, the cause of the incident was a flagrant violation of safety rules when using the escalator with the Mall visitors. While on a moving escalator, the child was at a distance of one stage from adults, making the physical actions of the foot is not acceptable to this technical means, which subsequently led to injury.

At the time of the incident, employees of the shopping center was promptly rendered first aid to the victim. Service organization conducted an audit of the technical condition of the escalator and was pronounced faulty.

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