“In the case of non-admission to the Paralympics in 2018 Russia will host the tournament alternative

In the case of non – admission of Russian Paralympic athletes to the Paralympics in 2018 may hold the all-Russian open competition similar to those that were in 2014, said the Secretary-General of the Russian Paralympic Committee Andrey Strokin in Novosibirsk on Thursday.

“Despite the fact that we are preparing for the (Paralympic – if) games, in the case of non-participation of our athletes in the Olympic games we have been working on an alternative version, similar to those that were held prior to the Rio-de-Janeiro – all-Russian open competitions in winter sports,” he said during the meeting of the coordinating Council of the interregional Association “Siberian agreement”.

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According to him, the Russian athletes, in the main, fulfilled the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) on countering doping.

The list of athletes who can qualify for the Paralympics in 2018 in case of successful participation in the qualifying competitions included 68 people, including nine athletes from the Siberian Federal district.

“One of the requirements of the IPC – all athletes must go through two times tested before the (qualifying – if) competition. To date, 62 of 68 athletes have passed doping test twice, five one time, one athlete even once,” he said.

The Strokin also said that all other requirements of the IPC, which depend on the Russian Paralympic Committee have been implemented.

He also noted that the national team of Russia in wheelchair Curling has already won a quota for the admission to the Paralympics, the final decision on her participation will take IPC.

Paralympic games 2018 will be held in Pentane (South Korea) from 9 to 18 March in six sports.

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