“Night and day” ended with the death of 17-year-old student in Moscow

On the visor of one of the entrances to residential homes on the North-East of Moscow found the body of 17-year-old student. The girl was staying with some friends and overdid with alcohol.

As we found out “MK”, the tragedy occurred on 15 November at about 22.00 in the 18-storey building.

As eyewitnesses told, first there was a loud and prolonged female scream: “Guys, she fell!” At the same moment the people on the street saw from the window on the landing of the 10th floor had the girl in a pink sweater and black pants. A passerby responded first (by profession a dentist). The man climbed on the hood and tried to render first aid to the unfortunate. But the pulse is not palpable. Meanwhile, arrived at the scene, the doctors pronounced him dead.

A law enforcement source said that the deceased was staying in a Studio apartment on the 12th floor. There were “night and day”, where teenagers (in the company were also adults) had fun, drank beer and listened to music.

As has told to militiamen the landlord, he came home after school at about 17.00. On the landing he was met by 17-year-old Dina (name changed), her friend and another friend of his with a girl. The mother of the organizer of the party was not at home, and young people came into the apartment. After some time they came to visit two guys and a girl. The youth had fun, but the most fun was Dean. The girl drank a lot, danced and told everyone that together with his girlfriend drank a bottle of vodka before the party. But two hours later, around 19.00, she became ill. Dean was beginning to feel sick, and then the student completely lost consciousness. The guys brought the girl out of the apartment to the Playground and tried to bring to life. With the help of smelling salts, she still came around.

A friend of Dina’s told police that the student was shaking, and all the time she was bad, she just repeated the name of his former young man, which broke up six months ago. According to her, the girl was very upset by the breakup and was drinking a lot because of this.

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