Sold for $450 million da Vinci painting “podsveti” Russian oligarch

The picture of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” (“Savior of the world”, around 1500) sold at new York Christie’s auction for an incredible price — $450 million (prize of the auction — $50 million). The biggest sum ever paid for paintings in open auctions, and private sales. Prior to this record open auction was “the women of Algiers (Version O)” by Pablo Picasso (1955), sold at Christie’s in 2015, $179 million But the “Algerian women” the specialists do not cause problems, about the “Savior of the world” from the collection of Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev not to say.

Fragment of a picture. Photo: twitter@ChristiesInc

Initial price was $100 million Auction lasted 20 minutes and was interrupted by applause and laughter. It seemed that the bidders do not believe in the reality of the situation.

Leonardo is not the best artist in the world, but he is one of the symbols of culture, — says the critic-expert Alexei Rastorguev. — Probably, the buyer is not a professional collector. If he gets in this authentic work of art that is indeed a work of Leonardo? This question requires additional research. For the characters people are willing to pay any money. Similar prices were cézanne and Picasso with significant for them. But this does not mean that these things are so much better than all the others that you can buy for $3-5 million

Who bought the painting, is still unknown. 500-year-old work, which has long been considered lost (!), many critics and experts call men’s version of the famous “Mona Lisa”, which became so famous because of the theft in 1911.

“The Savior of the world” in recent years appeared in the press in the context of the court between the Swiss dealer Yves Bouvier and Rybolovlev. According to media reports, this picture of Bouvier bought from a consortium of dealers for $75-80 million, and resold Rybolovlev for $127.5 million Seemed to deal both backfired. Bouvier constantly on trial, and Rybolovlev had to hastily sell off his collection. It was assumed that the urgency of sales on the background of the scandal will provoke a large loss and will not benefit the Leonardo.

But that’s not the main problem. The author of “the Savior of the world” until 2005, was considered a pupil of Leonardo, Giovanni Boltraffio. It was with this attribution, it was sold in 1958 at Sotheby’s for 45 pounds (!). In 2005, art historian Robert Simon had a restoration, and after clearing from later records there was a version that this is not the work of the student and the teacher.

But it is not all easy. Today to be a real Leonardo, the resolution it must give the consortium experts, Museum institutions and reputable market structure. In 2011, after professional restoration, the painting was exhibited in the London National gallery, which has claimed responsibility for the authenticity of the work, and instantly added to it dozens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Then the thing showed the main experts on the works of da Vinci, found the preliminary sketches Leonardo to her, he held technical and technological research. It showed that the artist changed the composition in the process of writing (typical of Leonardo), while on all later copies and prints reproduced exactly the final version of the composition.

— Ordinary art lovers confuse some moments, — explains the chief editor of the portal Vladimir Bogdanov. For example, one can often hear surprise at the glass bowl in the left hand of the Savior. It must be a correct complex optical refraction. But it somehow did not work. See for yourself. But Leonardo was a brilliant scientist and knew a lot about such things. On the other hand, since Christie’s decided to put this out, so really they are based on a broad consensus among experts concerning the authenticity. It is one thing to buy from a consortium of dealers, and the other to purchase on a first-class auction, which is our reputation ensures that everything is in order. In the first case this picture is worth $80 million And in the second case it is not afraid to buy it for $450 312 500. This means that the buyer no doubt about it.

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