“”Justice League”: from each according to abilities

In rolling out the film by Zack Snyder in which the superheroes of the DC universe team up. And something is wrong.

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– On the screens released film “justice League” for DC comics, in which superheroes team up to fight an alien scourge.

The world is again on the verge of death. After the death of Superman (Henry Cavill), when mankind has lost faith in himself, the Earth decides to capture a horned demon named “Steppenwolf” (Kieran, Hands). To stop him, Batman (Ben Affleck) assembles a team, which, after some hesitation, join Wonder woman (Gal gadot), Lord of the sea depths, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), the flash the Flash (Ezra Miller) and cyborg (ray Fisher). But created the justice League is not enough of the main character in the red cloak, the human collective, which is impossible.

The story of the creation of a “League of justice” was long and complicated: in 2007 the film with a different cast had planned to remove the Creator of “Mad max” George Miller, but then Warner Brothers, the project was suspended. In the end, the tape was entrusted to the chief in Hollywood dark superhero movie Zack Snyder (removed “300 Spartans” “Keepers” and two films about Superman –”Batman vs. Superman” and “Man of steel”). But he never finished the painting because of the suicide of his daughter, he left the project and at the stage of post-production the film was completed one of the writers, and Joss Whedon.

Perhaps because of such a heavy destiny “justice League” was what is was – a huge roughly made tank, though, and destroys everything in its path, extracting a fountain of sparks nothing really exciting can’t produce it.

“Justice League” is a collection of all the hackneyed cliches (it’s amazing how the filmmakers managed to collect so much in one film). “Save the civilians! I’ll distract them! Leave the past in the past,” heroes with terrifying seriousness say these platitudes, one after another. Perhaps in this seriousness the thing: if the main competitor DC Marvel heroes joke about the end of the world how idiotic they behave, the characters of the DC universe take a responsible approach to business and talking about duty and faith in humanity is boring!

A little more alive to his colleagues, however, turned out to be Batman, bearded and slightly puffy face which almost all the time says “I’m too old for this”. A beam of light in the darkness is the Flash hero Miller (who before the fight said something like: “I’ve never been in a fight! I pushed and ran away!”) Julita, silly jokes, talks about his phobias and take away equipment team Souvenirs – in General, behaves like a normal teenager.

The creators sometimes try to bring some originality in the film – for example, moving the action in a neighborhood of abandoned nuclear power plants in Eastern Europe (although typical of high-rise buildings and inscriptions in the Cyrillic alphabet have already been seen in “the First avenger” for Marvel), but the stamps ruin everything.

Even the special effects – and scenes where everything collapses and explodes accounted for more than half the screen time – seem some legacy zero, they are implausible, crudely made and not that much impressive (it’s worth to say about monsters, resembling a huge mechanical mosquitoes).

For the “justice League”, as hinted at in DC, will be followed by the emergence of yet another team – super villain, but before that the screens will be another important film from Marvel – “the Avengers: infinity War” – and then see who from the studios one.

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