Galkin and Pugacheva married: entertainer posted a video

Actor and comedian Maxim Galkin in his Instagram had shared with subscribers the news that they with Alla Pugacheva was married. “We have a bright and joyful event!” – told the showman fans. No details, he said no, but I published video of the temple.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The couple were led into the temple of their children – Harry and Lisa. The record shows, as they from time to time with a serious look cross.

Witnesses ordinances captured smiling Galkin and Pugacheva together with children of the iconostasis.

Publication of Maxim Galkin | Official (@maxgalkinru) Nov 17 2017 11:13 PST

Later Galkin said that was baptized a year and a half ago. He also explained why he decided to do it.

The couple started Dating in the early noughties. Since 2005, Galkin and Pugacheva lived together. They got married in December 2011.

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