Successful transplant of a human head: a neurosurgeon got “updated” corpse

Surgeon-Italian Sergio Canavero held in China to transplant a human head. According to him, successful. The audience, meanwhile, is perplexed, because we are talking about transplanting the head of the corpse. Why transplant the head to the body?

Canavero became famous in Russia after a programmer Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from a serious illness, has agreed to be patient for the transplant of the head.


Now Canavero from this transaction was refused. According to Spiridonova, the surgeon received funding in China and it is on some kind of experiments…

Russian doctors called the current news of the “successful head transplant” beautiful PR action.

– From the PR point of view it is very competent course, they are pure adventurers, – said the “MK” head of the laboratory of experimental surgery Spbgmu named after academician Pavlov Dmitry Suslov, – In fact the operation, which was conducted by Canavero is a training session, filed as an international sensation.

The expert said that such training operations are carried out all transplant anywhere in the world that can boast of success in this complex field of medicine. Moreover, practice on cadavers mainly young doctors who are scared even to admit to a living body.

– About any success we can not say, – said Suslov, he Took the dead head, sewed a dead body. The only thing they can say is that clearly worked, technically competently sewed.

To talk about some discoveries in the course of the operation the Russian doctors are also not solved. Most of the actions that are needed to sew the head to the body, any self-respecting surgeon should be honed to automatism. Vascular seam should almost with my eyes closed to do every doctor conducting surgery on the heart and blood vessels. The seams on the major nerves is to neurosurgeons.

As for the past “merit” team Canavero, who also loudly discussed the whole world – transplantation of the head of a monkey, the doctors, too, are skeptical shake their heads. According to them, the maintenance of life in the severed head of the animal is experiments of the last century. Then researchers in white coats such manipulation was very good.

However, a small chance to win in the future foreign adventurers our transplant left. Theoretically possible to transplant the head of a living person is. And there’s even a chance that after the operation will function normally and the head and other parts of the body. But you have to make a real scientific breakthrough – learn how to splice the spinal cord neurons.

– If someone will be able to do this is the Nobel prize – said Suslov, a Huge number of people with spinal injuries will get a chance to stand up and live fully. But while such experiments are only on rats. And we currently have only a partial understanding of how it should be done.

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