The SBU said about the capture of Kiev Chechens who killed Paul Klebnikov

The security service of Ukraine announced the arrest of a Russian citizen suspected of involvement in the murder of the editor of Russian Forbes, Paul Klebnikov in 2004.

Paul Klebnikov

The Ukrainian secret service does not mention the name of the detainee. It is reported that a native of Chechnya, who is wanted by Interpol for committing assassinations. In particular, the detainee is suspected of involvement in the murder of Deputy Chairman of the Chechen government. Presumably, this refers to Jacob Sergunin, who was killed in 2004.

American journalist of Russian origin, Paul Klebnikov was fatally wounded in Moscow in July 2004. Three attackers opened fire from a car. The journalist died shortly thereafter in hospital. The investigators believed that the customer of murder was a Chechen crime boss Khozh-Akhmed Nukhayev, presumably, avenged written by Khlebnikov book. The performers were the notary fail Sadretdinov, natives of the Chechen Republic Kazbek Dukuzov and Musa Vakhaev. The latter two were also suspected of involvement in the assassination of businessman Alexei Pichugin.

In 2006, three suspects were acquitted by a jury. Later in the same year the Supreme court overturned the acquittal. On a new trial Dukuzov did not appear and was declared wanted.

On Saturday, the SBU also announced the arrest in the Poltava region of another Chechen wanted by Interpol at the request of France after escaping in 2013 from the Norwegian court in Sandvika. Presumably, we can talk about the citizen of the Russian Federation in the Bedouin Azimov, who reportedly ran away from court in handcuffs and fled on a waiting motorcycle nearby. Asimov was suspected of carjacking.

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