Tickets for the loukoster “Victory” was cheaper than economy class cars

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of the Russian Federation conducted a comparative analysis of the cost of tickets of the airline “Victory” and travel in the car with reserved seats to the Federal passenger company (FPC, “daughter” RZD) on the same route and on the same date. It turned out what services the Railways are more expensive sentences of the carrier: a three-hour flight to Surgut traveler will cost 3500 rubles, and almost two days before the same city a second-class carriage — 3650 rubles.


The specialists of the FAS noted that small price difference “flight saves passengers time and allows him to reach the destination in more comfort than is possible when traveling in the car with reserved seats on ordinary trains.”

So, for example, a trip from Moscow to Novosibirsk on October 30 in the car with reserved seats will cost 4,100 rubles. The journey time to two days. The plane ticket “Victory”, which belongs to Aeroflot, at that date was worth 4000 rubles, and the flight took 4 hours.

The lowest price of the airline ticket on the route Moscow-Ekaterinburg, as at the same date amounted to 2,499 rubles, flight duration 2 hours 20 minutes. Travel in the reserved seat more expensive than 4767,5 rubles, and the ride would have more than 26 hours.

A similar situation is seen in the direction Adler-Moscow. The airline offered tickets for 1299 rubles. The flight takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. Travel in second-class train car can be purchased for 4767 rubles. Time in transit for almost a day.

Also from Moscow to Rostov-na-Donu on 30 October, it was possible to fly for 1349 roubles, and the ticket in the car with reserved seats cost about 3595 rubles, and it takes 17 hours 13 minutes.

“Aviation has reduced prices by 10% and passenger traffic increased by 22%, — said Deputy head of FAS Russia Alexander Redko. — FPC, on the contrary, increased rates of 3.9% and lost 8.5% of clients in the segment of reserved seat and General cars”.

According to experts of the Federal Antimonopoly service, the fare depends on the profitability of transport and passenger traffic, and to normalize the situation, the Department has proposed that the FPC “to update the rolling stock, reduce transportation cost and improve the quality of services delivered to citizens in General.”

The Ministry also said that according to “behavioral conditions issued by the service in connection with the decision about zero indexation of tariffs for transportations in couchette and General cars in 2018” Federal passenger company is obliged to install air-conditioners and toilets in all rail cars in trains and also to reduce costs, including long-term contracts and resume the sale of tickets in couchette and General cars in trains of distant following.

We will remind that since November 3, “Russian Railways” (RZD) has notified about the suspension of sales of tickets in couchette and General cars in 2018 “in the absence of regulator decisions on the level of tariffs for passenger transportations in the distant message next year”.

Later, the FPC said that the sale of these tickets will resume on November 17.

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