“Britons will spend more than $13 billion on sales of “black Friday”

– The cost to British consumers to buy during the sale “black Friday” in 2017 will grow by almost 4% compared with the previous year to 10.1 billion pounds ($13.3 billion), writes The Guardian.

The bulk of purchases will be made in Internet shops, experts say.

According to estimates IMRG, every minute in the “black Friday”, the British will spend on the Internet of 1.74 million pounds, and by 9 am in London purchase will exceed 700 million pounds.

The British borrowed the tradition of sales at black Friday from USA, in 2017, this day falls on 24 November, however, actual discounts and bonuses stretched for almost a week.

Such a significant discount as before, this year can not wait, warn analysts. In the context of high inflation in the UK, the weakness of the pound and growth in various costs, companies are no opportunities for substantial price reductions.

“Retailers can’t offer the same level of discounts that in 2016, that is, the demand can fluctuate, as consumers will be less inclined to impulse purchases,” commented Eleanor Parr from the analyst firm GlobalData.

Major supermarkets Tesco, will start work in the morning of 24 November, to attract bargain hunters. Discounter Lidl this year for the first time will offer special promotions to the “black Friday”.

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