“Glory To Russia!”: “buried” Wikipedia Dyuzhev urged not to believe the rumors

Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev, offended by do not miss it in the queue of Russians in the TV program “No offense”, addressed to the fans of his talent. He announced a massive media attack on his person, urged not to believe gossip and not swear in the comments. He, by the way, are closed.

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

“The matter has already reached that opened the Wikipedia in my name and threw in “yellow” the press! Those accusing me of opposition to the government of Vladimir Putin!” – wrote Dyuzhev in Instagram.

“Thank God for everything!”… Glory To Russia!” – added the actor.

The post is accompanied by a photo of the Dyuzheva, hanging somewhere at the level of the balcony.

Yesterday it was reported that unknown has made changes to the article about the actor on Wikipedia, reporting his “death” on November 11. To date, this sensation has been removed.

In the last days Dyuzheva actively discussed in connection with his statement about the audience who don’t appreciate how actors are “risking their lives” on the set. So they say, and deserve “bullshit and crap” in the form of second-rate serials, expressive actor, explained in the air of the Latvian television.

Later Dyuzhev explained that only wanted to “verbally chastise” those of the economy class who missed it in the queue at the airport.

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