That does not prevent the dancer: a psychologist and a choreographer commented on the dance.

The Chairman of the Russian government Arkady Dvorkovich has earned laurels “Luba-the stars of YouTube’s”, as they dance at the concert of Alexander Revva. An important official tal the star of social networks thanks to the unknown viewer who made a video with the dance of Deputy Prime Minister and tore them from the Internet. Sam dancer after the frenzy of Saturday night complies with Olympian calm and did not comment. Moreover, on the dancefloor it shines not for the first time… the “MK” asked the dance teacher whether moving our Deputy Prime Minister? And a psychologist, what General chairmen of the dance?

photo: a frame from the video

Judging by his “track record”, Arkady Vladimirovich — the person is artistic and not shy – says the candidate of psychological Sciences Alina KOLESOV. He loves a fun party, where the occasion did not hesitate to start dancing. So, for example, was the wedding of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin and model Anastasia Subsky, where the Chairman even won a dance off. From the point of view of a psychological portrait, Dvorkovich decorate. To afford (and know!) publicly to relax, while avoiding anything superfluous and not trying artificially to attract attention by shocking, can only be balanced, open, and confident personality that is not dependent on the opinions of others, with a healthy sense of humor and irony. Living by the principle “to Be rather than to seem”, not Vice versa. Often the designers of important public persons even recommend something similar to his players — remember the dancing Yeltsin, Bush and others Case in the psychological effect: the dancing man perceived the mass consciousness as a fun loving, positive, and hence a non-threatening. Have configured sarcastic it may cause the urge to laugh at him, but not fear and not hate. And big politicians sometimes pursue such a goal. By the way, for this reason, the dance of VIP may be deliberately not perfect. It shows that it is the same as all the “guy next door”.

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“”Dark” new “rumples” Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich conquered the audience”


On the question of whether dancing our Deputy Prime Minister, teacher dancing Elmira SABIROVA said that training at the Dvorkovich, without a doubt, no, but all his movements are not deliberate, and coming from the heart.

– Anyone who has studied choreography, you know: sometimes the most filigree technique, hearing and sense of rhythm is perfect and the dance still not impressed. The main feature of the dance is a heartfelt emancipation, and its force will depict how you study. It is seen that the movement of the Dvorkovich improvised, sometimes not coordinated, but very natural, not uptight, and therefore incendiary. This dancer is always the main decoration of the parties, because it is immediately obvious that he came not to show themselves, to look at others, and have fun.

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