In the case involving the son-in-Vertinskaya, arrested the pensioner of the Ministry of internal Affairs

In a political scandal involving Ukrainian politicians, businessmen and high-ranking Russian law enforcement was involved the son of a famous actress Marianna Vertinskaya is a gallery owner and businessman, co-owner of gallery of modern art and gallery “Triumph” Yemelyan Zaharov. A criminal case four years ago, has received unexpected continuation.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As we found out “MK”, 2012, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Alexander Shepelev has launched a campaign against the “banker” of the family of Yanukovych, businessman and owner of basketball club “Monaco” Sergei Dyadechko. The MP accused the businessman of illegal withdrawal of funds from the Bank. At the same time in Dyadechko was assassinated, which the surviving oligarch accused Shepeleva. Against the background of political events in Ukraine Shepeleva were suspected of embezzlement of public funds, was declared wanted and was soon arrested in Hungary. After being extradited to prison, he was using the guard managed to escape to Russia.

The former MP appealed to his friend Emelyan Zakharov, whom he met in Kiev about 15 years ago. He asked the son-in-law Vertinskaya to introduce him to someone from the highest ranks of law enforcement to “order” the criminal case against Dyadechko. For a reward Shepelev wanted law enforcement authorities inter alia announced his Ukrainian foe on the international wanted list and arrested. Zakharov introduced Shepelev with his old friend — security officer for particularly important cases of the Department of the interior Ministry of North Caucasus Federal district, Colonel Ruslan by Kumakawa. Strongman, has a lot of merit, and even the gratitude of the commander-in-chief, heard the proposal of the disgraced ex-MP and after a while said that can act as an intermediary in the transaction, namely: will give 1 million 200 thousand dollars to the Investigative Committee, which will perform the order. For security purposes, it was decided that the bag with the cash Humacao will take Zakharov.

As has informed a source in law enforcement bodies, the money officer that you do not share, and appropriated. After a while, he to create the appearance of work, played in front of Shepelev performance. Jumaliev met with the customer and provided him with copies of non-existent materials of the case against Dyadechko. It all ended for the trio the fact that in October 2014, a criminal case was initiated under article “Fraud”. All of the defendants were detained, but, as found “MK”, at that time none of them suffered the punishment of justice. Shepelev was arrested and sent to jail “Lefortovo”. It should have been extradited, but, according to some, after 40 days released — supposedly due to the fact that he began to inform intelligence agencies about the economic Affairs of the Ukrainian elite. Colonel Jumaliev safely retired.

However, the “MK” has learned that recently the law enforcers have decided to resurrect this story — the events of four years ago had opened a separate criminal case under article “Mediation in bribery”. As for the Colonel Hamakawa, former colleagues remembered about him — the man was arrested by the Presnensky district court of Moscow.

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