“Remember what I did for Motherland”: Dzhabrailov begged for a lenient sentence

The former Senator from Chechnya Umar Dzhabrailov, who in late August made a fire in the Four Seasons hotel, was fined half a million rubles. On Wednesday, the Tver court of Moscow has considered his case in a special manner.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
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Recall that Dzhabrailov was arrested on August 30 after a night of made a fire in his room at the Four Seasons. Subsequently, the former MP explained that the fire began because of the provocation by the management and security of the hotel. The former fiance of socialite Ksenia Sobchak was charged under article 213 of the criminal code “Hooliganism”.

Before the start of the process in the hall of the Tverskoy district court allowed the television and photographers, numerous flashes of cameras Dzhabrailov in the blue jacket sinteponovye perceived with Nordic serenity. However, the media chose to answer with silence. Group support in the face of several respectable men were placed on two benches. They complained loudly that their famous friend didn’t ask permission to shoot.

The meeting began with the establishment of personal data. 59-year-old Umar Dzhabrailov has declared, that is the CEO of the company “Avanti of”. Divorced, young children and minors is not.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Then gave the floor to the Prosecutor, who at a quick pace revealed the plot of the indictment. The Prosecutor noted that “Dzhabrailov with premium weapons – TT pistol, at a time when he brought food in the room, fired two shots into the ceiling. He then exited the room with a gun, went down to the first floor, and not reacting to the comments of others, made in the lobby another shot at the ceiling and went back to the room. Half an hour later was arrested by the police.

I immediately emptied the clip after the shooting – said Dzhabrailov.

The judge asked him if he really wants to consider case in a special order? (I.e. without examining the evidence and full confession of guilt – approx.ed).

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“Video of court: the gunman in a Moscow hotel Dzhabrailov admitted guilt”


The gray-haired defendant replied Yes. His lawyer immediately went: “Dzhabrailov leads an active social and charitable activities.”

The judge explained that in connection with a special order of the proceedings, the court examines only characterizes information about the identity of the accused.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

– Dzhabrailov not discovered mental illness. On the account in a narcological clinic it is not, treatment is not needed – read presiding over the case file. She further drew attention to it exclusively positive characteristics: “Dzhabrailov was always correct and friendly. Talented philanthropist and has supported the Museum of contemporary art and the gallery of young artists… not Previously brought to criminal responsibility.”

The Prosecutor asked how the former Senator about his offense?

– Treat with remorse, I repeatedly apologize to all the staff, replied with a pause Dzhabrailov. He came to the aid of a lawyer.

– Was paid an administrative fine (4 thousand rubles for a drug – approx.ed), no complaints from the hotel staff – said the defender.

During the debate, the Prosecutor asked for Dzhabrailov 2 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in 2 years. However, he noted that their actions Dzhabrailov “showed disrespect and contempt for society, demonstrating the superiority”.

The lawyer did not agree with the arguments of the Prosecutor.

– The restriction of freedom Dzhabrailov will hamper his social activities. He didn’t want to harm the staff, – said the lawyer. So she asked to be limited to a fine.

The hero also felt the punishment demanded by the Prosecutor, excessive.

– Too violent measures, and they do not consider that I have done in the past for the country. What happened is a violation of the order, for that I have apologized – gave his argument the defendant.

In the end, the Tver court of Moscow sentenced Dzhabrailov to a fine of 500 thousand rubles.

It a premium gun, the court decided to transfer the interior Ministry.

– I am satisfied with the court’s decision, more than, – said the convict.

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