ROC: expanding the teaching of religion will protect students from extremism

The teaching of religion in schools the Orthodox Church believes vaccinated against extremism why and work with the Ministry of education the question of the extension of the course, said the Agency “Moscow” the Chairman of Sindlinger Department of the Russian Orthodox Church, responsible for Church relations with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

According to him, under the current program year to the teaching of basics of traditional religions in school is not enough: here Legoyda compared the situation with literature. In his opinion, it is impossible to imagine that it was studied only one year, should not be such a situation with religion.

“A good knowledge of traditional religious cultures is the best vaccination against extremism”, — explained his position the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. — When you know it well, you are difficult to confuse pseudo-religious ideas. So we are in constant dialogue with the Ministry of education and look forward to continuing and deepening themes.”

He assured that in such discussions, “no lobbying Church interests, there is an understanding of what it means to be a modern young man.”

Recall that the various attempts to introduce the teaching of religion with 1 on 11 class regularly being made, but the last offer of this kind has failed: in MGPU gave a negative opinion on the draft of such program, sent from the Russian Academy of education.

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