Scandal at the trial of Shakra: the lawyer denied the accomplice

In Nikulinskiy court continued the trial of the criminal group of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young) and Andrew Kochanova (Italian). Gave evidence of an active participant in the shooting on Rochdelskaya street lawyer Peter Cherchintsev, who previously played on the side of Joan Kim. The meeting was a mini-sensation: Cherchintsev recanted his previous testimony and told about how the lawyer Eduard Budantsev was trying to avoid punishment.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Cherchintsev shed light on some details of the events of 14 December 2015, when the shooting happened near the Elements restaurant. He told the court that earlier mostly lie like the court and the investigation, because they wanted to protect their colleague Budantseva.

Cherchintsev was present at the negotiations between Jeanne and Kim and the people of Zakhary Kalashov, however, insults in its address any didn’t arrive. The conversation took place in a peaceful atmosphere. At some point, the lawyer seemed that Eduard Romanov (an alleged companion of Kalashov) glared at him. Cherchintsev offered to go out and handle things one on one. After some time they were joined by Budantsev and other representatives of Kalashov. Andrei Kitaev (guard Andrew Kochanova known as Italian) was held at the same time for the gun was in the holster.

Concerned Budantsev deciding that the situation got defiantly a weapon. Further Cherchintsev remembers vague and doesn’t remember who fired the first shot, because the events developed spontaneously. Who were wounded, Budantsev and Cherchintsev was able to escape to the nearest business centre where she was hiding, climbing on the roof. During the investigation Edward Budantsev asked other lawyers to hide his gun that he killed two people who were in submission of Kalashov. He offered to throw the weapon into the water. For the assistance he allegedly agreed to pay a large sum of money, several million. However, he refused.

Cherchintsev objevil that defendants not guilty, and their actions were rather justified. In the restaurant they showed up to pick up the money that Jeanne Kim is really owed to the designer Fatima Misikova.

Note that the first split in the law firm “Dictatorship of law”, headed by Budantsev, occurred in September 2016. Even then, a former colleague of Budantseva lawyer Ruslan Suleymanov refused to defend it and actually supported the direction of people Shakro. About the same time technical employee of the company Peter Cherchintsev also “gone over” to the enemy, Suleymanova asking to represent him. Now the act Cherchintsev was supported by his testimony.

Recall, people Shakro and Italian accused of extorting money from restaurateur Kim and another businessman. Budantseva also faces charges in the murder of two members of the Italian team during a firefight on Rochdelskaya street.

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