Sensational discovery of Russian scientists: Yakutia was the tropics in the age of the dinosaurs

On the territory of Yakutia 145 million years ago there was a tropical sea. It is recently proved by the employee of the Novosibirsk state University and Institute of petroleum Geology and Geophysics named Nikolay SB RAS Igor Kosenko. The main argument speaking about “warm” past our Siberia were the remains of ancient oysters, which the author found on the shores of the North Yakutian rivers.


As reported in the press service of the NSU, that’s Kosenko determined the temperature of the seas in the era of the dinosaurs 145 million years ago.

Found oysters lived on the territory of modern Yakutia in the late Jurassic-early Cretaceous periods. Their strong calcite shell is resistant to processes and phenomena that occur after their formation. Making isotopic analysis of these shells, and examining their geochemical methods, scientist reconstructed the paleotemperature inhabited by molluscs. It turned out that in the time of dinosaurs, the temperature in the areas of modern Northern Siberia was comparable to the temperature of the water in the Black sea is +18…20 degrees Celsius.

In addition to establishing habitat conditions found shellfish, Kosenko reviewed the existing classification of late Jurassic oysters Siberia. For example, I took oysters with thick shells that were previously described in the genus Liostrea, to the genus Pernostrea.

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