“”Spartak” has missed a victory over Maribor

Moscow club guaranteed at least third place in the group giving a consolation berth in the playoffs of the Europa League

Players of “Spartacus” ze Luis “Maribor” Gregor: (left to right) in the match of group stage of the Champions League, Hepatoma: TASS, Anton novoderezhkin

– Match of the fifth round of group stage of UEFA Champions League between Spartak Moscow and Slovenian Maribor ended in a draw.

The result of the meeting held in Moscow on Tuesday, is 1:1.

Spartak opened the scoring in the 82nd minute thanks to a goal of ze Luis. After receiving a pass near the byline, he was able to drive the ball past the goalkeeper.

But the winning score to keep the hosts failed: the opponent played in stoppage second half time. Goal – on account of Yasmina Nesanovich. Overt defenders, he closed the transmission to the right into an empty corner.

“Spartak” had the advantage, even in the starting period of confrontation created scoring chances, but the accuracy in front of goal, the hosts lacked. In total, Muscovites struck 13 shots on goal, but only two of them were on target. In turn the players, “Maribor” was able to break 8 times, half of those shots came in the shot.

At the time of possession advantage also on the side of “Spartacus” – 56% against 44%.

“Interfax” led text broadcast of the match.

Spartak scored 6 points, ranked third in group E. Maribor with two points in fourth place. Moreover, both points in matches with “Spartakom”. In the first round, playing at home, Maribor also were behind, but managed to recoup – 1:1.

The tour before the end of the group stage of the Moscow club guaranteed a place at least in the playoffs of the Europa League (comforting a start there are the team that took third places in groups), but still has chances to reach the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. In the first place is Liverpool (8 points), the second – “Seville” (7). These commands at 22:45 will play in the fifth round in Spain.

The following match “Spartak” will play with “Liverpool” in England, while Maribor visit of Sevilla.

The match is over… #UCL #Sportcruiser // #SpartakMaribor 1:1 pic.twitter.com/r5V8JA7DOk

— FC Spartak Moscow (@fcsm_official) 21 Nov 2017

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