The blogger who “exposed” the student from Urengoy: “Me, too, framed and hounded”

The sensational performance of 16-year-old schoolboy from Novy Urengoy in the Bundestag, could go unnoticed, “drown” in the flow of information more important events, if not the author Kolesnikov. It was this man sent a request to the Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, FSB, the presidential Administration with the requirement to check the actions of the student, to evaluate and possibly punish the perpetrators. But the judge who? In the network appeared the information about the shady past of the Kolyasnikova. It is known that in 2007 a blogger was brought to administrative responsibility for propaganda of Nazi symbols.

We contacted the initiator of the conflict, which, as it turned out, sympathizes with the boy and even compares him with me.

Photo: Social Networks.

– Sergey, as I understand you this hype are not the last relationship?

– I was not the first one who started it. But had a hand in the loud story.

– Where do you see live performances of a teenager?

– This video first appeared on the website of the school. Then it was removed. I threw the link to my friends.

– How quickly spread information?

– The information broke before I got acquainted with this case. In fact, the only thing I was different from other outraged — I applied to the Prosecutor’s office, the FSB, the presidential Administration.

This is called whistleblowing. You don’t feel sorry for the boy?

– To the boy I have no complaints as to his parents. Understand that these texts are consistent long before such events. The guy read what he wrote. Here there are questions to teachers who were responsible for “the program”, well, to his teachers in history. Most likely they were written the text of the report.

– Do not suppose that the student was able to write, even with mom?

– At this level, no Amateur is not in principle nowhere to be found – neither in Russia nor in Germany. The text has been carefully studied – it was written 99% probability teachers. So the teachers there are the most questions.

– All of the text you hooked, as I understand it, only one phrase about the “innocent victims”?

– Yes, this phrase jarred.

– You do not allow that it was a stylistic mistake, no malice here?

Considering how the guy began to stand up to the liberals, the less likely it looks like an accident. Don’t believe in such coincidences.

– Anyway, the guy was fun and that you had a hand. Do not feel ashamed?

– I did not call for harassment. But now, bullying on social networks is commonplace, this time to get used to. I, too, was hounded. Write in a personal insults no less than this guy. But I’m happy with. Today I write, tomorrow will cease.

– Do you think the punishment should follow?

To the student and parents any punishment use is not worth it. Questions to ask those who prepared the text. If involved in school, you may need to change the curriculum.

– You, yourself in 2007 brought to administrative liability for “propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi symbols”. What do you say?

Not quite accurate information. Ten years ago I was appointed as the Director of a network of antique shops and after a week was detained. In the back found a German helmet, the General shape of the Wehrmacht, taken on the implementation, and a bunch of Antiques, including a book with photos of Hitler. Trophies, Antiques, more. I knew nothing about these subjects. Then I was fined 1000 rubles. I framed the former leader and sellers. As framed now, and the boy from Novy Urengoy to the report. At the end, the guy has suffered more at the hands of others. One to one, as I did then.

Here’s what I wrote about the case of former Prosecutor Roman Militsyn:

“In 2007, I worked in the office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal district Prosecutor of the Department. Me in the shopping center Park house in late January 2007 was seen items with Nazi symbols (specifically helmets). Later, under the counter from the seller, the investigators seized a book – Mein Kampf (also from the seller in the back seized a considerable number of original and newly manufactured items with Nazi symbols). The seller explained that all of the items with Nazi symbols are personal to him and exhibited to create entourage.

Sergey Kolesnikov then explained, that is the newly appointed Director of the store and came with the first revision of the point of sale. In the result I have drawn up administrative protocols for the seller and Kolyasnikova (Director) under article 20.3 of the administrative code: “Propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols”. Past later the courts issued the decision on administrative penalty of 1000 rubles.

During the consideration of the cases in the courts, I became aware of the dismissal by Kolesnikova all sellers involved in the sale of Nazi symbols. Immediately after the operation by Kolesnikova conducted full audit of the assortment of the chain stores and then disappeared all subjects, not only with Nazi symbols, but even close to resembling her (I later checked repeatedly the range on the shelves).

My personal opinion on this situation: Kolyasnikova framed into the hands of unscrupulous sellers and previous leadership.”

What then seized from the shop?

– Withdrew only helmets and uniform, although on TV they showed a bunch of stuff. Hysteria in the media was wound on the things which shoppers have not even seen.

– If you yourself had once suffered is not their fault, remember this feeling, why now don’t showed leniency to Teens? Perhaps the boy is now experiencing what happened?

– Yes, I understand it in terms of heaviness that pressed in on him, although still strongly against his statement. Once again, the main responsibility should bear his leaders. That to me – in 2007, just broke the law and drove on, only it did not the visitors of social networks, and the state.

You then paid the fine. Think the boy needs to apologize?

– I do not think that the boy should apologize. I do, in this context, think about the more global processes, rather than on the boy and his parents.

– Hasn’t contacted friends of the student?

– No, no one contacted. Although he could, I always listen to all sides.

– You are waiting for the test result?

Request to the agencies published, I hope to verify the actions of the student who needs to talk about the process of preparing his speech, also should check the school well and give an answer about exchange programs. In my opinion, there is a corpus delicti under article 354 of the criminal code (“Public appeals to implementation of aggressive war”).

– Nevertheless, the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation has urged not to accuse a student of Urengoy.

– The task of the Ministry to stop the hysteria, he did it. Well, or at least tried.

In addition to the boy in the Bundestag were still and girls with similar reports? Why they don’t have any questions?

– It was reprinted only video performance of a man, it attracted attention. In General this subject will be forgotten tomorrow, this is the modern information field. And the young Rapporteur to continue to let that be a lesson — you need to understand what is to speak in the Bundestag on behalf of the people, lost in the great Patriotic War, 27 million of their fellow citizens. And less trusted in such matters, even the teachers have grown.

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