The Central military orchestra celebrated the 90th anniversary of

November 21, the Central military orchestra of Ministry of defense of Russia celebrated the anniversary on the stage of the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. National anthem of Russia and the Soviet Union, “Farewell of Slav”, “Arise, great country” we hear it played by this orchestra. About history, future plans of the team — in the article “MK”.

The head of the Central military orchestra of the Ministry of defense, Colonel Sergei Durygin. Photo:

To congratulate the musicians came people’s artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon and Alexander Pakhmutova, soloist of the Vienna state Opera Vladimir Winterkind and many others.

The orchestra was created in 1927, although there is evidence that the creation date was 1921, but while it is not officially confirmed. On 22 June 1941, the orchestra was located at the border of Belarus and Poland, and literally was on the front line. “If you stay overnight near Brest, the musicians were in the thick, and more than half of them did not return to Moscow”, — said the head of the Central military orchestra of the Ministry of defense, Colonel Sergei Durygin. Then the orchestra was reorganized, picked up musicians and continued to serve. And have not once been on the front lines.

To date, the orchestra has grown to two separate brass and Symphony, on the basis of which was created by the jazz band, string Quartet, jazz band. Now in the repertoire and classical pieces, marches, and songs of the war years. The orchestra has collaborated with such renowned artists as Alexandra Pakhmutova, Dmitri Shostakovich, Iosif Kobzon. Yes and not list. The orchestra tours extensively around the country. “Our assets are our musicians who serve. Every year we go to the military units, regions of our country. The defense Ministry pays great attention”, — said the head of the orchestra.

Compositions that takes the band, has long been known not only in Russia but also far abroad. Musicians won the hearts of the audience on all continents of the world: from USA, France and Britain in the West to Korea, Mongolia and China in the East. “Russian and foreign audience with great pleasure welcomes folk music elements of Russian folklore, Tatar dance, the lezginka, and loves classical music,” said Dorigen. The most important action which takes part annually in the orchestra is, of course, the Victory parade. In December I will start methodical classes, and in March, orchestras to pass the “program”, and will begin rehearsals in Alabino.

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