Who froze in Khabarovsk, and who will: results football tour

In his traditional predictions for the 17th round of the Russian football Premier League “MK” absolutely correctly named four of the eight accurate results. Does this mean that the outcomes of matches were predictable? Not at all. Rather, you should talk about a certain bias, according to which the leaders of the championship (they’re a Quartet of Premier League representatives in the competition) scored cruising speed, which went around his rivals in the past football weekend.

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All involved in the competition from the Russian clubs have gained confident victories. CSKA oak field in the Khabarovsk already scored four goals, setting a personal best performance of the season (before the army team only once — in the first round match with “Anji” — scored three times). Played his highest scoring game in the League during Massimo Carrera and “Spartak” defeated the bulls in Krasnodar. Not remained aloof and “Zenith”, those shipped, winning five unanswered goals, which also was the best indicator blue-white-blue in the current championship. Those leaders of the modestly limited to one ball only “locomotive”, but the goal Aleksey Miranchuk wards of Yurii Semin was enough for victory in Kaspiysk.


Petrograd has burst. A month and a half, or four games in a row, Roberto Mancini could not hit the gate rivals in the Premier League, and in the Northern Derby was pleased with plenty of goals. After the final whistle head coach of conences Dmitry Parfenov and will not be able to explain what happened to his charges in the second half, in which Zenit managed four times to open the enemy’s defenses. Parfenov was only able to say that will thoroughly investigate the incident. But it is equally important to get to the bottom and Mancini to set a happy coincidence was like the match result or goals in natural.

Signor Mancini at the post-match press conference shared their insights, after removing the tie, which apparently is not allowed after the defeat of the opponent to breathe: “the Match, despite the final score, can’t call for us is simple. It was especially hard in the first half. Almost all the teams coming to St. Petersburg, act defensively, and every time we are forced to look at the field space that is difficult to make. Lacking in our attacking Arsenal and long-range shots, because of the steadily beating in my possession has only Paredes”.


There are serious doubts that the head coach of CSKA Viktor Goncharenko was happy about the victory in Khabarovsk. Too expensive price they had to pay the red-and-blue for the three points and a personal best performance. Ankle fracture Aleksei Berezutski in the 24th minute of the match left brother without football for a few months — the price you had to pay to Muscovites.

It happened with Alex without any interference from the opponents, but it is not possible to call the incident a trivial accident. The main culprit is the cold, which, as you know, greatly increases the likelihood of players injuries. In Khabarovsk the field before the starting whistle Artem Chistyakov thermometer showed-throughs for the game -12. And in the city the thermometer had already issued all of -17. The truth is traditionally located somewhere in the middle, but the inspector of the meeting decided that the match will take place in any weather.

And here in the 24th minute CSKA loses Lesha Berezutsky. And an hour later a fracture of the tibia makes and replaced the injured brother Georgi Milanov. Here too, you will agree, talking about coincidences possible only at very strong desire.

Victor Goncharenko said after the match that he wants everyone to have on their experience of temperature and the charm of Khabarovsk, hinting that it would be fair if the army competitors in the fight for the medals would have passed the same test. It’s hard not to project the said Victor M. “locomotive”, who play in Khabarovsk in the next round. But there are a few “buts”.

First, CSKA was in Khabarovsk on November 18 is not accidental, and exclusively due to exchange homemade games with your opponent, stay at which, according to the calendar, the Muscovites were still on July 29. The first round match with SKA is located exactly between the qualification matches of CSKA with the Greek AEK in the Champions League. Wasting time on exhausting flights, the army did not want to and have offered to Khabarovsk to play the July match in Moscow, and the return in November. So it is not entirely clear why the coach wished the competitors a similar fate, although his team have been in this situation on their own initiative.

Although quite interesting, why Lokomotiv, who play in Khabarovsk on November 27, not sounded the alarm in advance. Surely they didn’t know what weather conditions to expect on this date in the most remote from Moscow is a football city Premier League? Even more perplexing is not even carelessness administrators “Loco”, and the passivity of the Premier League. So Taganka was supposed to know exactly what can turn a match in Khabarovsk in late November. Why when scheduling this match was not automatically swapped with Moscow? Waited in Khabarovsk November thaw?

Themselves the railwaymen today all they can have done — sent. a letter of offer to play in another stadium. The variants with Moscow, Sochi and Kaspiysk. The last stadium claimed the festival as a spare.

Yuri Semin, as you can guess, is experiencing the warmest feelings for the possibility of a repetition of fate in Khabarovsk CSKA: “Two players of CSKA in such fierce weather in Khabarovsk, suffered serious injuries. We have to create for the players the conditions in which they could best Express their best qualities. There are, after all, with UEFA recommendations, according to which to play at temperatures below -15 unsafe for health. I note that the delegate of the match typically measures the temperature of the air near the lawn, while the airway of the player are much higher. Ask any doctor how useful it is to breathe for two hours in the cold, when you have a heart rate of 160-180 beats per minute. Why torture the both teams? Why torture fans?”


Such victories that won “locomotive” in the Caspian, called the victories. The railwaymen remained without Farfan at the point of attack, spent on a set of three points as much power as was necessary. Anji looks very confident after the reshuffle, the post of chief coach Grigoryan — Skripchenko, but to demonstrate their best qualities they could not, picked up the key to the penalty of Muscovites. But the red-green won. Even without any Shine. Clearly benefited the national team trip to Russia Miranchuk brothers, who concocted two scoring attack: Anton gave, and Alex scored.

“One of our major problems in this match was that our team, in fact, there was not a single pure striker. One should not overlook the fact that we arrived to Makhachkala the leader of the championship of Russia, and mood for such an opponent, the home team was special. Glad I was able to use our point — the guys played a great combination,” — said after a match Yury Semin.


The choice of the best coach of the last tour took a lot of time in the Central match of “Spartak” under the guidance of Massimo Carrera in all respects beat “Krasnodar”, to inaugurate the wards of Igor Shalimov at their own stadium in utter defeat. But to talk about any unexpected moves, the Italian specialist that influenced the outcome of the meeting or, still more, changed its course, is not necessary. Carrera proved his class, but not without the help of colleagues Shalimov. Igor played with Muscovites so straightforward and predictable that I was surprised, perhaps even guests. That “Krasnodar” will try to possess the ball, not having by and large a backup plan, to suggest it was easy. And “Spartak” the only thing that was necessary.

To play with red-and-white on a collision course — the suicidal stunt. Have tested it on my experience over the last couple of years, many, including mercilessly beaten in Moscow “the Dynamo”. Had to go and beaten “Krasnodar”, but, apparently, the lesson has not been learned. “Spartak” undoubtedly the best counter-attack in the Premier League. In terms of fast execution using inadvertently left naked zones to match against Spartak, maybe except that last year berdyanskiy “Rostov”. A similar performance from “Spartacus” we see not often easily explainable reason — no one wants to play with the team Carrera on a collision course. Most of the rivals in the Premier League prefer to lure Spartak into their own half to draw the red-and-white in a positional attack, and then trying to bite the Muscovites through counterattacks.

But “Krasnodar”, apparently considered unworthy for such a scenario. Anyway, ignore the first minute, the hosts, the script of the match could develop differently, but “Spartak” has scored its most simple win the championship.


Goalkeeper: Artur Nigmatullin (“Amkar”)

Defense: Branislav Ivanovic (Zenit), Georgy Jikia (“Spartak”), Dmitry Kombarov (“Spartak”)

Midfield: Daler Kuzyaev (“Zenith”), Pontus Wernbloom (CSKA Moscow), Alan Dzagoev (CSKA), Alexey miranchuk (Lokomotiv Moscow), Dmitry stocki (Ufa)

Attack: Luiz Adriano (“Spartak”), Quincy Promes (Spartak)


“We invite all interested parties to establish clear parameters by which it will be impossible to hold matches in case of bad weather, extreme cold or heat. Regarding the forthcoming meeting of “Locomotive” and SKA Khabarovsk, I do not know what the weather will be there. According to UEFA recommendations, if will be below -15 degrees and one of the teams does not want to go to the match, she has that right. Another thing is that Lokomotiv still have to go to the game.”

The General Director of the Russian Union players Alexander Zotov on situation of matches in Khabarovsk.


Premier League. 17‑TH ROUND

Saturday, November 18

“SKA-Khabarovsk,” — CSKA — 2:4, “Dynamo” — “Ahmad” — 1:1, “Krasnodar” — “Spartak” — 1:4, “Arsenal” — “Rubin” — 0:0, “Ufa” — “Ural” — 2:0, “Anzhi” — “the locomotive” — 0:1, “Rostov” — “Amkar” — 0:0, “Zenit” — “Tosno” — 5:0


Alexander Kokorin (“Zenit”) — 9 goals (0 penalty). Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) — 8 (1). Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 8 (2). Aleksey Miranchuk (Lokomotiv) — 7 (0). Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal) — 6 (0). Luiz Adriano (Spartak) — 6 (1)


Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 8+6. Alexander Kokorin (“Zenit”) — 9+3. Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) — 8+3. Luiz Adriano (Spartak) — 6+4


24.11: “Amkar” — “Dinamo”

25.11: “Tosno” — “Arsenal”, “Ahmad” — “Ufa”

26.11: “Ural” — “Zenit”, “ruby” — CSKA, “Rostov” — “Anzhi”

27.11: “SKA-Khabarovsk” — “the locomotive” “Spartak” — “Zenith”

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