Academics were asked to remove science from the Ministry of education: “Sabotage?!”

The fate of fundamental domestic science discussed on Wednesday in the state Duma, members of the expert Council on fundamental and applied research at the state Duma Committee on education and science. The reason for the discussion was the project for fundamental research by the Ministry of education and science. They advised to send it…. the FSB for close examination to determine the presence of “meaning”… with the scandal watched our browser.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the new document, “basic research in the interests of long-term development and competitiveness of society and the state”, born by the Ministry of education and science among participants in a strange way was not the Russian Academy of Sciences. But there is FANO, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of construction, in fact the Ministry of education, the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg University, Moscow state University. University, NRC “Kurchatov Institute”…

Chairman of the expert Council of the Nobel laureate Zhores Ivanovich Alferov at once expressed his attitude about this: “I agree MSU is a good University, but it is not clear why the list includes weak Saint Petersburg University? Just because there was a student of our President with the Prime Minister?”. According to Alferov, it was necessary first to define the objectives and then choose the participants and performers. And it is absolutely clear that the Academy needs to occupy the main position, as a body with extensive experience in the organization of science.

The only representative of the Ministry of education and science of the meeting was Andrey Anikeyev, which was addressed to all the indignant speeches and remarks.

Very studied the limitations of the project member-correspondent of RAS Vladimir Ivanov: “the Program, which we now adopt, is a set of activities which must be consistent with the national security Strategy. All should work in harmony, consolidated, and we have at least six laws, which referred to fundamental science, and they among themselves are not consistent: the Russian scientific Fund is working on a separate law, the law is available at NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Goskorporatsii “Rosatom”… There is one annoying detail — the underfunding. From the stands talk about the competitive science. Question: who are our competitors? As you know, we have one competitor (USA), and there is funding 10 times higher than ours, and how we will then build a competitive science?”

Other members of the Council reiterated: the main condition for the development of fundamental science should be worthy of funding and not only major projects of the class of “mega-science”, but also new, yet unknown.

“You know, for example, what in the world are already talking about the new big challenge is the global humanitarian-technical revolution? asked Ivanov. – She is that everything should be people-oriented. Now the whole world goes to it. You receive the literature from sociologists and economists. Then, they say that the capitalist model has exhausted itself, many wars, conflicts, peace is tenuous. But we do not. Where our social Sciences and Humanities, who must work out these issues? They are generally not specified in the project program.”

Then the floor was taken by the academician Boris Kashin. “Our Department of mathematical Sciences, discussed the draft programme of the Ministry of education. We suggest that the Bureau not to support it. Want to continue to Express their point of view. I read everything carefully, and I have had a desire to write a letter Bortnikov to the FSB to check in this is not sabotage? Is there some subtext here or not?”

What seemed strange Kashin? With regard to the goals and objectives — here everything is fine: the country should strengthen and be ready for the notorious big challenges, but then the academician drew attention to the indicators of successful growth registered in the program. They, in particular, will depend on the number of international centres involved in research (there should be more than 20%), the proportion of publications co-authored with foreign scientists in the magazine “first quartile” (the rankings established in the United States).

“Yes, if such target indicators identified in the atomic project, these would be the authors under white ruchenki it would be taken away… forever,” concluded the mathematician. And added that calls to remove all the Ministry of education and science of the management of such an important matter as the organization of science.

“Look at his “baggage”: the system of science funding is destroyed, and publishing actively destroyed, certification of personnel destroyed graduate school destroyed… But scientometrics and the bureaucracy is embedded. Can such a Ministry be responsible for a huge amount of money and most important tasks? In my opinion, this is unacceptable.”

At the end of the oil poured into the fire, academician Yevgeny Dianov: “We must make every effort to return the institutions to the Academy of Sciences, otherwise we will never move forward. And still need to increase funding for science. We must clearly tell the President that the country is going into the abyss without science”.

The Council adopted a decision on the appeal to the President of the country on the return of institutions to the Academy. And instead of the draft programme on the fundamental science suggested that a project that produced his wounds.

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