The scandal at the Institute of culture: students and teachers ready to strike

As it became known “MK”, at the legendary cultural Institute — IPCC – scandal erupted. Trying to repay a multimillion-dollar, but according to unofficial data, and billions of dollars in debt left by the school’s original leadership, the current administration “has optimizirovan” and the learning process, both students and teachers to such an extent that they said “MK” about their willingness to go out. That, in fact, to “catch” in high school the teacher receiving the advance payment 6 thousand rubles, and the student, whose lectures and seminars have reduced by a third and offer him to “do it myself”?

As is evident from the documents at the disposal “MK”, the current leadership of the University in the person of the acting rector Arseny Mironov recognizes outstanding accounts payable by the IPCC in the amount of 126 million rubles But has told “MK” in high school, and other debts — according to some sources, half a billion rubles, according to others several billion.

These claims look reliable, especially when you consider that the Commission on the results of the previous leadership of the University among other financial violations revealed, for example, that out of 125 million rubles, allocated Mgecw for the purchase of musical instruments and technical equipment for the purpose was spent only 20 million Others, according to available “MK” document was “wrongfully spent” that in our office, as you know, is a euphemism for “stolen.” Remarkably, the perpetrators of this malfeasance was only fired. And no mention of criminal matters.

The loss of another 3 million rubles. revealed an inventory conducted at the University. But it soon became clear that there was not even the poor students with graduate students underestimated their scholarships, regardless of the minimum set by the government.

And what did the teachers! Not only that, their salary is delayed. How do I find the check paid to them the amount was lower than… in 2014! Hey, Mr. President, with your may decrees providing for the salaries of teachers in higher education 100%, and now 180% from the average in the region… In Moscow in this situation they should be around 120 thousand rubles. And some teachers of the Moscow Institute of culture and now receive in advance of only 6 thousand! The situation, according to them, is only getting worse.

The current leadership of the University is trying to remedy the situation, rashlebyvay unsweetened inherited from the previous. “We came to lift you from your knees!”- it says indigenous Micovcin. But this is done so that the question arises whether the greater evil is the selected remedy, than the disease itself.

University “collapsing” eyes. However, the Ministry of culture “MK” has assured that plans to close the IPCC, law no. However, for example, on the music faculty of the IPCC in the beginning among the school year the reorganization of the pre-existing 11 departments, I suppose, for the sake of economy, only two remain. The same processes are going on everywhere. A number of faculties were shut down.

In the end classroom of students fell by a third: “I had in terms of 51 hours of training in the specialty, and remained there 17. Say we were doing themselves. And how can learn without a teacher an artist or a musician? It’s nonsense!”,- told “MK” the student Nastya. This particularly affected the contractors, she said: the amounts that they pay to the University, a corresponding reduction has not been, although the volume of educational services has shrunk.

Did not become classes — fell prednagruzku teachers. In the end someone from the staff transferred to the hourly workers —niesprawna category of teacher. Many have dismissed “on grounds of redundancy”: just now in the process of dismissal are another three dozen former employees. A few hundred people seem to be working, but it is unclear on what grounds: the deadlines for the competition procedure went, but the contest has not been announced. And so – everywhere you look.

– It was also a good University, the head in the system of the Ministry of culture, hopeless sigh temporarily surviving teachers.- And they destroyed it. And the conversation with us: “I do Not like — write a letter of resignation!”

The Ministry of culture “MK” confirmed that “in 2017, a test was conducted at Moscow state Institute of culture. The violations identified during the inspection, at the moment are eliminated by the new leadership of the University.” Specifically, officials stressed that “in accordance with applicable law administrative activities of the University, issues of formation of its structure (including the number of faculties and departments), the content of educational process (including independent work of students), personnel policy, selection of learning technologies and teaching support, are the responsibility of the educational institution”. And also that “key questions that determine the General educational policy of the institution, are taken collectively by the scientific Council, the IPCC”. This means that the founder will not protect either students or teachers.


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