The astronaut told about the mysterious “bacteria from space” on the surface of the ISS

The new commander of the ISS-Anton shkaplerov told that cotton tampons, with which not so long ago was taken from outside the station, discovered the bacteria that were not present when I launch a module to the ISS. According to Russian cosmonaut, “they came from space and settled on the outside of the shell”. Shapirov noted that any risk identified microorganisms, apparently, are not, and they are now studied in the laboratory.


In may of this year it was reported that experts found in samples of cosmic dust from the surface of the ISS viable spores and fragments of the DNA of bacteria that were resistant to the unfavorable factors of space. Earlier researchers have shown that the surface of the station is present the precipitate is fine meteorologo substances that cannot be found on Earth, such as dust burning in the atmosphere or changes its composition so that the organic matter in it remains. Thus, theoretically, on the hull of the ISS can really dwell microorganisms of extraterrestrial origin, although, most likely, be attributed to that of bacteria mentioned by shkaplerov, it would be at least premature.

About the mysterious bacteria Shkaplerov said during an interview with news Agency TASS. He also answered the question of what requirements to date have to match the right person to apply for the job of astronaut. It is necessary to have good health, good physical training and education, preferably technical. Also advantages is work in your field and the possession of scientific degree, since the main purpose of manned flight into space is a performing space experiments on the ISS. The astronaut also said that there is no official limit to the number of manned flights into orbit, and in this question all depends on the person and his health.

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