Became known the cause of this carnage between classmates in a suburban school

The massacre staged at recess a student one of the schools in the city Vysokovsk Klin district of Moscow region. A teenager slashed the neck of his classmate, wanting revenge for bullying and ridicule.


As we found out “MK”, a shocking incident took place on 28 November at about 10.00. The first class was homeroom “Generous Tuesday” dedicated to kindness and compassion. Students behaved normally, and even bitter enemies — 14-year-old Bogdan and his contemporary Maxim (all names changed) — has not given cause for comment. Lesson schedule was listed in the story, and the boys went into the class at recess. The teacher was not, and about 15 eighth graders preparing for the lesson.

Further, according to pupils, Bogdan suddenly pulled out a folding knife, ran up to Maxim and struck him three blows to the neck. The guy fell to the floor, and the aggressor calmly sat at the back. According to history teacher when she entered the room, the children stood around the bleeding Maxim and Bogdan was sitting at his Desk with his head in his hands, the knife lay in front of him. While the victim endured at the hands of the nurse and called him an ambulance, a woman quietly took the gun and sat down next to his attacker. The teenager was shaking, he was very nervous and shouted that the blame that he wants to apologize to Maxim and asks to be put in jail. The teacher told that the guys live in the same apartment block and she didn’t see that they ever fight. Maxim is engaged in Sambo and judo, good student. Bogdan studies satisfactorily, it is more indoor — friendly with only one boy from his class, he plays “shooter”, but nothing bad about it to say.

The act of his son the police explained to father Bogdan. According to him, the conflict the guys lasts more than five years and began after the man divorced his wife. On teen allegedly because of this, bullied by classmates, and the instigator was Maxim. He Bogdan could not repel sportsman and endured all the taunts and jeers. At some point the patience of the teenager snapped. The man also reported that he spoke to the parents of Maxim, to the student and the homeroom teacher, but no action has been taken. This was confirmed by some students who said that Bogdan and Maxim once even fought over the school.

Currently, Maxim is in the Klin city hospital in a serious condition, but his life is not in danger. Two wounds were not dangerous, a third cut was damaged veins and nerves. In respect of the Bogdan law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case under article “Attempt at murder”. The question on election of a preventive measure.

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