Died Croatian General, who took poison at the Hague Tribunal

Croatian television announced that the Bosnian Croats led by General Slobodan praljak began to present, before he converted to venom in the Hague Tribunal, has died.

photo: youtube.com

Earlier it was reported that 72-year-old praljak began to present drank an unknown liquid from a small bottle with the words “I’m not a war criminal,” immediately after the court of appeal affirmed his conviction in 2013 – 20 years of imprisonment.

The trial was suspended and the accused called the medics.

Footage from this action that praljak began to present staged in the court, I flew many of the company.

The lawyer later told reporters that the bottle contained poison.

Read the material: Bosnian General deliberately took poison at the Hague Tribunal

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#Balkans | This is how some face their past. Apparently, Bosnian Croat has taken poison during his verdict in the #ICTY. Yet his verdict stays the same – 20 years imprisonment. The court has adjourned. pic.twitter.com/F69sYdFhUx

— Dragoş Ioniţă (@DragosIonita) 29 Nov 2017

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