The archaeologist told me how he calculated the age of the tomb of Christ

1700 years is the age of the tomb, which supposedly was the body of Jesus Christ. To such conclusion the Western scholars.


Recall, for scientific research artifact was for the first time in five years opened in October last year. Now the archaeologists were able to establish approximate age of old crypt. To do this, the researchers used the method of optical Dating. With it you can determine when was the last time the stone of its tomb, saw the sunlight. In this case study were subjected to the quartz crystals. They are part of the limestone that was used to create the crypt. It turned out that the artifact was created in about 345 BC, According to legend, this tomb in the year 327 BC found the mother of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great Helena, and in this place founded the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. “An optical method of Dating is very complicated and expensive, but most accurate. It gives an error of about 100 years in 2000 years, – said the archaeologist Nikolai Sudarev. It means that the tomb may not be 1700 but, for example, 1600 years. But it’s still very accurate Dating. However, scientists use this method rarely. The most used method is radiocarbon analysis.”

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