The Church and the TFR are looking for Jewish trail in the Royal case

No, I have to say, the investigation of the murder of the Royal family are not ready yet to accept the “ritual version” of the assassination of the Royal family, so dear to the radical-conservative part of the Orthodox community. But the progress, from the point of view of this public, is obvious: this version of TFR is not rejected.

Patriarch Kirill at the conference “the murder of the Royal family: new examination and archival materials”. Photo:

“The investigation is planned the appointment of a psychological and historical examination to resolve the issue including possible ritual nature of the murder of members of the Royal family,” said a leading business senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Marina Molodtsova. But important not only the words themselves, but also, so to speak, the context in which they were made. The announcement was made at the conference “the murder of the Royal family: new examination and archival materials” held Monday at the Sretensky monastery with the participation of Patriarch Kirill.

Molodtsova neither she nor her colleagues do not hide that the investigation, in fact, is determined by the Patriarchy: a examination supposedly conducted by “request” of the Church. But by and large — all. And the case itself, as said the Patriarch, speaking at the same conference, was reopened after he is in conversation with the President “outlined the conditions under which the Church could seriously consider the results of examinations”. Namely: 1) the whole process must repeat again from the very beginning to the end; 2) the Church should not watch from the sidelines — it should be included in this process.

Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Marina Molodtsova. Photo:

Meanwhile, the main question that confronts consequence of the Russian Orthodox Church, not even the authenticity of the “Yekaterinburg remains”. The main thing that bothers and worries: not martyred if Orthodox sovereign adherents of other, non-Orthodox worship — their religious needs? Without an answer to this question, the Church refuses to believe in the authenticity of the remains. After all, according to the supporters of the “ritual” version, the bodies of the Romanov simply could not remain intact. Were either dismembered or burned or dissolved in acid. Either consistently was committed and that, and another, and third.

How far it all started, in the sense — how far the process of popularization of this interpretation, saying the words of the Secretary of the Patriarchal Commission for the study of the results of the study of the remains of the Bishop of Egorievsk Tikhon (Shevkunov), said at all on the same Sretenskiy conference: “we Have the most serious attention to the version of ritual murder. Moreover, a significant part of the Church Commission there is no doubt that it was so.” About who could commit this bloody ritual, the Church leadership is politically correct does not specify. According to Tikhon, the murder of the Tsar and his family “for many” had “ritual, symbolic content.”


But that is not allowed to Jupiter is allowed to a bull: supporters of the “ritual” version on the lower levels of the Church hierarchy are less inclined to politeness. And it, alas, is not confined to marginal network resources. For example, on a respectable and fairly close to the Patriarchate “Russian folk line” someone Leonid Bolotin, presented as a “historian, publicist and public figure”, thoroughly refutes the version of the murder of the Romanovs the Jews-Hasidim. In favor of the version of the murder of the Jews, the Sadducees…

All the members of this society “Ritual” and moderate, and frostbitten on his head — to build its position on the fact that the investigation and the government in General and did not answer, say, in exciting the clergy and flock of the question. This, of course, talking about the previous result and the previous government. Specifically on the investigator Vladimir Solovyov and the governmental Commission to study issues related to the study and reburial of the remains of the Royal family, which operated from 1993 to 1997. Meanwhile, among the latest, you can easily find the report of Vladimir Solovyov “Checking version of the so-called “ritual murder” of the family of Emperor Nicholas II and persons from his entourage in 1918,” read at a meeting of the Commission in 1997. The “ritual” version is broken in it literally on every point.

“It can be concluded that the decision on the execution of the entire Royal family was not associated with any religious or mystical motifs, but mostly with the mood of the leadership and the masses in the Urals, — stated in the result part of this paper. — The occasion was the aggravation of the military situation and the proximity of the fall of Ekaterinburg. The sentence is also not evidence in favor of the “ritual” version… the day of the execution was not timed to any Jewish religious holiday. The order of penalty was worked out “collectively” by the Ural Cheka. There were proposals to blow up the Romanov grenades to kill them sleepy, finally, to shoot. Among those discussing the variants of execution, was dominated by Russian (Medvedev, Nikulin, wild Boar). An examination of the records of the participants showed that none of them at the time of execution did not possess the educational level, which allows to navigate in the Jewish customs, ancient languages…”


The skull of skeleton # 4, identified as the remains of the last Russian Emperor.

But, as you can see, the Church, these arguments did not convince. How not convinced, and the first results of the resumed investigation. By the way, the first examination appointed to “restart” in September last year, the Imperial craft, it was a genetic comparison of the skulls of the Emperor and Empress with the rest of their skeletons. As you might guess, the study was conducted at the urgent request of the ROC, who wishes again to make sure that the heads were not cut off and preserved in alcohol. According to sources, “MK” familiar with the investigation, the results of this examination were ready in early October 2015 and then reported to the Church leadership. The sensation did not happen: the skull consistent with the rest of the bones.

Near Yekaterinburg were found in “full sets” of bones. But supporters of the ritual murder of a scientist do not believe and insist on the substitution of remains. Photo: a frame from the video

Nevertheless, the Church and placed under its complete control a consequence of persistently keep digging in the same direction. Well, God help you, as they say. But perhaps it is useful to remind researchers that establish the ritual character assassination of the Russian Tsar proved to be a daunting task even for Hitler and his minions. For reference: proceedings of the “white guard” of the investigation by the Royal being a judicial investigator, Nikolai Sokolov, who emigrated after the victory of the Reds, have returned to the country a very interesting way — they were found in Berlin, in the Reich Chancellery. According to reports, the Nazis, to seize Sokolowski documents existing in France, had intended to arrange with them a Grand anti-Semitic process. But the texture seems still not enough.

However, he who seeks will always find. Would be the desire, the energy and the mood of their superiors.

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