Wi-Fi has become for people is more important than sex

In modern society, people feel dependence on the smartphone even more than it might seem at first glance. According to the survey conducted in the United States and several European countries, often the mobile phone and Wi-Fi are more important for many of the rules of propriety, more attractive bad habits and the priority of sex.

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The study involved over 1,700 people, each of whom answered a number of questions about personal habits, preferences and expectations. 62 per cent of respondents admitted that they feel anxious when not connected to Wi-Fi, and almost as many — 61 percent — are of the opinion that to abandon completely the Wi-Fi, addicted to it, “impossible.” In relation to sex such a categorical opinion was voiced by 58 percent in relation to fast food is 42 percent, and in relation to cigarettes and alcohol — 41 and 33 percent, respectively. 19 percent said that they would prefer a day not to communicate with people than in the same period of time lose access to the Internet.

Another illustration of the fact that smartphones in the eyes of some people become more important than sex, can be considered the fact that 6.5 percent of survey participants use the gadget during sexual intercourse. In time Dating I can not resist to look at the monitor of your phone, more than 36 percent of respondents.

More than 71 percent of people who took part in the survey do not consider ugly to take your phone in the toilet, during dinner, distracted from the food on gadgets, four of the five respondents.

At the same time ,a completely objective survey results is quite difficult to call because all respondents had a career in the mobile industry, so the issues with smartphones and the Internet, they may prioritize not quite the same as other people.

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