Experience in large-scale development projects in Moscow

Moscow – a city of the largest construction projects and challenging projects. However, not all Muscovites are satisfied with the innovation: for many, the word “new” is synonymous with soulless “anthill-cheloveinik”, because the average height of buildings in Moscow – 19 floors.

In this sense, the renovation in Moscow will be a real challenge for authorities and developers, because the experience of such construction of the century in modern Russia is not great and not always successful. The leader of the Moscow market PEAK is building 2 million square meters of housing. And most of the buildings – industrial homes. What is the experience of this company can be interesting to Muscovites, let’s deal.

According to real estate company “Metrium groups”, the PEAK took the first place among all developers Old and New in Moscow, beating competitors by almost two and a half times. The company has 23 buildings in different parts of the city, 2.01 million square meters of housing (the results for the third quarter of 2017). In fact, the leader of the rating on the construction sites within the boundaries of the Moscow ring road, the developer was still early in the year by buying its main competitor – the group “Morton”. As this is a multiple growth effect on the financial performance of the developer?

This year the Analytical credit rating Agency has assigned credit rating of BBB+, the highest among other Russian developers. Such indicators shall PEAK high profitability, low debt burden, high liquidity, strong cash flow and quality of management. For ordinary buyers, all these definitions can seem like a dark forest — and they don’t need to know: the main thing to understand is that they are dealing with a serious organization, which is able to build this amount of housing without losing the quality and timing. How do they do it?

More recently, the word “socket” was associated with housing low quality — they opposed the prestigious monolithic house. However, technology does not stand still — and now from panels build comfortable and modern housing at European level. Imagine an ordinary Moscow yard filled with cars, between which are seen the Islands of typical playgrounds. Take a walk with your child nowhere, not to mention the fact that enjoy reading the newspaper on the bench. In the yards PEAK no cars, but there is a huge Playground for children of all ages, places for sport, relaxation, trees, trees, and even wi-fi. The houses themselves – not the Soviet “sockets”, and the new industrial housing – more durable and are constructed 4-5 times faster than the monolith. The seam between the panels is only 12 millimeters, that is cold and damp in these houses will not.

Thanks to the resource base and expertise of PEAK technologies develops, scales them. The result — customers who have bought a house, got the keys early.

Given the experience, including a very difficult experience with the completion of facilities “Morton”, who demanded to solve many social problems, and a large resource base (native plants and DSC), the PEAK looks to the future. The company has applied to the competition of projects for launch sites in the framework of the program of renovation and presented the concept for development of the area Kuz’minki. He tipped the fate of the new centre of the South-East of Moscow. Not an easy task: the population of Kuzminki is comparable with the amount of people living within the Third ring road. Project PEAK provides the concept of a self-sufficient area, with its square and fountain, with the updated theatre, café and exhibition spaces, with pedestrian bridges over the highway and a modern center for the whole family. In other words, will not have to go to the center of Moscow, to rest in the center of Moscow — everything is literally under the window of the house.

It is important that in case of success, a PEAK at the competition, the residents will be encouraged to participate in the dialogue with developers, to communicate with architects in the course of the project. It is planned to create a special community center.

Anna Sergeeva

Photo: press service of the PIK group

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