Large family burned in mother’s day: it was a bad accident near Tomsk

On Sunday in a remote village Markelovo Tomsk region burned to death three children with her mother. Wrong, decided the head of the family.

The investigators considered only the version of the crime is committed on domestic violence. Spouses drank, quarreled, the man took a canister of gasoline, doused the household and the burning of the family. Neighbors echoed the police: “I was Drunk, and that was a nuisance. Business as usual”.

“MK” has found out, why in the village the death of a family are considered “commonplace” than the dead lived and that might offend children’s father if he went on killing all family members.

Michael Kutz. Photo from the personal archive.

Alexandra Bystrova was not even 20 years old when she met Mikhail Kuts. The man was older than the girl of 10 years.

The bear was too good not to draw attention to it. Handsome, muscular, in a word, handsome — that was his name in the village – tell countrymen scanty. – Look at pictures of him. Aren’t we right?

On social network sites have the Alexandra — photos of a beloved husband with children. Under each touching comments: “Misha Malin”, “Daddy’s girls”, “Lovelies”.

Markelovo village is a hundred yards. From neighbors behind a high fence is hidden. That family Bystrova-Kuts was at hand.

– Yes, like they lived peacefully. Moderately drank in moderation were walking around, recalls the watchman of the local school. – Bear we have worked as a physical education teacher. But lasted a few years. Kicked him out. He could easily skip a lesson just because was too lazy to come. To work not really hungry for was. The last couple of years was sitting at home, justified, they say, with the kids no one to deal with. The wife worked hard for the whole family. Sasha worked in a grocery store “birch”. Earnings are small, but once they are interrupted. It’s not by chance the third bore: large families any benefits, allowances rely. The bear told her, supposedly, give birth, otherwise they will not survive. In General, drunk in our district almost one-third are killed. Common. Drank, killed. Served, they drank again. A vicious circle. Here to do nothing else.

Michael Kutz. Photo from the personal archive.

The house fire started around 10 PM. The house went up like a match. A terrible picture was observed by the neighbors of the family.

– We are close neighbours Sasha and Misha occupied the second half of the house. When the fire started, he immediately ran outside. Look, off the porch. The house was not, – says neighbor Yuri. The bear miraculously got out of the house, but the whole was burnt. Immediately collapsed unconscious. Ran and the woman who stayed with them that day. She, too, had suffered. But on little girls, no one cared. I immediately smashed the Windows some log wet rag and climbed inside. I was only able to get their year-old daughter and her 7-year-old sister. They did not move. A neighbor did CPR on babies, but it was too late. Then the firemen came. In the kitchen were found the charred bodies of Sasha and 5-year-old daughter. Later, investigators found that Kuts doused their home with gasoline, set on fire and locked the door. To those I couldn’t get out.

What happened that night, friends of the deceased can only speculate.

– I know that Sasha and Misha celebrated mother’s day. Guests were invited. Alexander set the table, says a friend of the deceased. – But they could come only Basil and Marina. At some time Bob has left. Went to the bath to drown, had to go back for his wife. At this point Bear doused wife and middle daughter with gasoline, pushed them to the oven. The fire spread instantly. The eldest daughter with the youngest ran into the bedroom and hid under the blanket. Girls are not burned to the ground, took in a lot of smoke and died. Small was only a year old in November. To the hospital with terrible burns delivered and the Marina. The woman still had not regained consciousness.

Michael Kutz. Photo from the personal archive.

– Sasha with the kids was buried on Wednesday, in the village cemetery, – remembers with tears aunt mothers of large families. – The funeral went of her cousin. Money for four coffins collected all the world — chipped relatives, neighbors. As much as I could, gave so much. Here not to fat. In the Wake of the funds is not enough.

– Your niece told me something about his family life?

– Sasha was a secret, their fate never complained. Although her life got. When she was 8 years old, became her mother. Father quickly married. It is not up to the daughter was. Sasha rose and began to look for “reliable shoulder”. I do not know where they met with Michael, but moved to the village Markelovo 4 years ago. Spent the parent capital for housing, has purchased a half-rotten house. Sasha ennobled a new home as I could. Bought a computer, television, made repairs. Kids she is always under the supervision of was. Sasha because no day sat at home. Remember, even pregnant she’s with a heavy trunks went from town to town, selling cosmetics. Of course she was afraid to be alone. The last time money was very bad, even Sasha have cousins asked for a loan. I know that without special needs she never would have made such a request.

Alexander Bystrov. Photo from the personal archive.

– The parents of Michael didn’t help them?

– Parents are not immediately approved his choice. Took the daughter from a poor family. Thought their boy deserves a better life. After the tragedy, they came to the village, looked at the burned-out house and left. The funeral sister-in-law and granddaughters do not appear, the money did not help.

– Kuts loved children?

The eldest is certainly loved — the girl of his copy was. I think the other two a burden to him was. But they are profitable. For three children is eligible for benefits. Generally, the Bear — Walker for the girls. Sasha was jealous of him. She was chubby, after birth and all were heard. Of course, the husband began to glance to the side. But without money, who needs it? Sasha’s family believe that she gave birth to only keep a husband.

Michael Kutz. Photo from the personal archive.

– What did stubby?

– The children sat. Sasha worked two by two. Misha drank two two.

A friend of the deceased said that the cause of the fatal quarrel was children.

– Sasha was a Sunny person. – says the interviewee. – She was loved by all in the village. Mike was a normal guy until he started to drink. The last time he drank a lot and often. And always reproached his wife that she is not giving time to their children. For this reason, they often quarreled, but he always smoothed over the conflict. As for the work Mike didn’t want to work hard. It was convenient that the wife will cook, wash. Yes, the money he will bring. But the education of his children strained. Never tired of repeating: “Not man’s this business to be a babysitter”. I can imagine it’s no accident that the conflict took place on mother’s Day. May, Michael again began to reproach his wife that she was a bad mother. Sasha could not stand, to answer. But he lost his nerve.

The day of the funeral of Alexandra and her three daughters became known that Mikhail Kuts died in hospital, never regaining consciousness. Thus, the murderer gave myself a death sentence.

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