Media: Kerimov is accused of tax evasion of €400 million

Became known the details of the case on money laundering with tax evasion, the defendant in France, was the Russian billionaire Senator Suleiman Kerimov. He allegedly bought five villas at a lower price, thus avoiding taxes in the amount of 400 million euros.

photo: AP

This item mentions France3, citing AFP. The article also alleged that 40 million euros in cash was paid on the “black circuit” from the accounts in Monaco and Switzerland.

In addition to the victim in this case charged the real estate agent and Manager villas Cedric Foru. He Kerimov was released on bail of five million euros with a ban to leave the Alpes-Maritimes. However, as it became known now, the Prosecutor of nice wants to achieve his detention. This is due to its personality, risk, and income.

About Kerimov’s arrest in France became known on November 21. The media claim that he owns villas in the country, while representatives of the businessman deny it. Formally, the owner of the estate is the Swiss Alexander Studhalter.

Kerimov’s guilt does not recognize.

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