On the eve of the 90th anniversary of Stepan Puchinyan had to “preserve” your film project

On November 28, the film Director Stepan Puchinyan, who directed such films as “the life of the chief of criminal investigation”, “the Mystery of Madame Wong”, “the goldfish in town N,” said 90-year anniversary. January 19 will be a recital of the master in the House of cinema.

photo: From personal archive

He’s one of the few active filmmakers of his generation. Marlen Khutsiev finished work on the film “Nevechernyaya”, the completion of which could not find the money for over a decade. But, thank God, was smart philanthropist. Stepan Puchinyan recently was forced to mothball the project “Three seasons” because there is no money for its completion. The promised private investors, funds not been allocated. Someone of the partners went bankrupt, someone references the upcoming world Cup. Someone is worried that a return on investment, obviously, will not. In the film, this tight. And the risk of few who are ready.

At the beginning of his work Stepan Puchinyan was forced to appeal to the ex-President Mikhail Gorbachev for support. After that he spent five years knocked on your project to the cinema Fund and the Ministry of culture, quickly found. Began shooting the film “Three seasons,” written by Nicholas Semenova and for his own stories. Among the heroes of George sand and Chopin, and modern people. The film starred Sergey Koltakov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Aglaya Shilovskaya, Yuri Chursin, Elena Galanova, the young actor Maxim Ivanov and schoolgirl Dasha Petrichenko. 65 percent of the film was shot. Made sub build. But have yet to work on a novel about George sand and Chopin, not finished two other novels with the participation of violinist and young heroes.

Stepan Puchinyan says: “While there is no money. Due to financial problems we have — preservation of paintings. Not may of them to escape. Attempted every second, but still fails. But I have the spirit do not fall. So many new ideas are born! Waiting for a happy moment.”

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