Operational experiment in the “berry”: the head-crook took in kindergarten

Head of the kindergarten, located in the village of Steep urban districts of Silver Ponds Moscow region detained by police for fraud. According to the police, 55-year-old Tatiana Mishchenko under the pretext of collecting money for the repair of preschools lured subordinates 145 thousand rubles.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK” in law enforcement bodies have addressed to educators of kindergarten “Berry”. They told the guards that the boss forces them to hand over money for the reconstruction of companies. Women asked police to find out how legitimate the demands of their immediate supervisor. Investigators decided to take the head of the act, and held an event called “operational experiment”. During the transfer of the next batch of money the woman was detained

– It is established that the ill-minded woman for 10 months, using his official position under the pretext of organising repairs at the facility have misled the three employees directly under its administrative subordination, and received from them money in the amount of 145 thousand rubles. In respect of detained women a preventive measure “recognizance not to leave and appropriate behavior”. – told the “MK” head of the press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

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