The brawler who wounded a knife the medic, was released from psychiatric hospitals: “it was an accident”

The patient hit a nurse with a knife in the chest in the carriage “first aid” in the South-East of Moscow. Doctors had to deliver the bound man from the police Department in a psychiatric hospital, but the man was trying to break free and directly attacked the attendant.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As we found out “MK”, November 28, around 17.00 on the threshold of the sector magistrate of the district Falcon mountain appeared 62-year-old local resident Boris. The man was strongly drunk and, according to witnesses, threatened to blow up the whole house. Rowdy shouted threats to others and grappled with the guards. The guards immediately called the police, the police overpowered the offender and taken to the police station. In the Department of Buyan was not appeased, and continued to threaten staff blast and made the decision to bring Boris Vladimirovich in the “loony bin”. Police called for an ambulance.

Outfit of three people: a doctor, a paramedic and a nurse tied violent patient in the neighborhood and was loaded into a car “ambulance”. The passenger was in an excited state and it was recorded in the sitting position. On the way to a psychiatric hospital when the car was driving on the Stavropol street, nurse Alexander noticed how suddenly quiet brawler… saws folding knife their “shackles”. To stop the attempt of the patient to escape the medic moved to his side, but he struck him the gift of a blade to the chest. The knife of the attacker knocked the paramedic, and bleeding the orderly, colleagues immediately assisted. In parallel, the doctors called another outfit the ambulance to the hospital for the mentally ill. From there, the victim was taken to the sklif, and the aggressor gave the specialists. The affected nurse in the hospital made the diagnosis: penetrating stab wound to the chest on the right and on the same night he underwent surgery. Currently, his life is not in danger, and in relation to the attacker, the police have opened a criminal case under article of the criminal code “Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm”.

As reported by the law enforcement colleague of the victim, the passenger pulled out a gun from the sock after the doctors changed the fixation of his hands. Was originally bound wrists brawler, and during the movement, according to the instructions they untied the brush and fixed the arms at the elbows. Where the patient took a knife, doctors do not know, because, according to them, Boris was searched in the Department.

Interestingly, the rowdy have been released from the hospital. In the words of Boris Vladimirovich, he came to the world court for advice. He needed to find out what documents you need to write from his apartment the woman he put there about 10 years ago. With his words, he drank a bottle of vodka, and the knife along with the keys and cigarettes were in his pocket, and in the neighborhood he did not withdrawn. Aggression against doctors, he explained that they are too much tied his hands and strike he did not want. Supposedly it was an accident.

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