The victim of the state of emergency in Sochi: “we were like hedgehogs in the fog”

People who have suffered because of the communal accident in the East of Moscow on the evening of 29 November, mostly suffered burns due to their negligence. Investigators assigned to verify and have interviewed patients in the hospital.


As it became known “MK”, the first calls about the incident in the street Irkutsk entered the emergency services of the city at 19.00. Here is the industrial zone — dozens of different firms, dorms, garages. The ill-fated pipe passed through this territory.

Witnesses of a heating break the staff of the enterprise “Geophysics-Space” (pipe exploded right in front of their building). People, by the way, previously noted odors and steam rising from beneath the asphalt, but the value is not attached.

— Came home from work, we see that everything in the fog, wet. A man asks for help — apparently, it was in a hot puddle, then fell down, but crawled away to “the land”. Burned feet and hands, — said one of the workers.

By the way, in the accident suffered by the employees of the GBU “zhilischnik” Golyanovo district.

We all rushed out of the house, said it is necessary to save utility equipment, as the car was in the garage in the industrial area, — said the employee named Igor. We like hedgehogs in the fog, trying to find the entrance to the garage as it landed in a puddle. I got a burn on the right leg 2-nd degree, until Tuesday will be treated in the Sklifosovsky research Institute.

Igor and another member of GBU Oleg (the man injured both legs) have interviewed the investigators of the UK.

All learned from the chat

— We have a day of 30 November was all right, warm the battery, — told “MK” a resident of the 3rd Parkovaya street Love Brimmer. But in the families of my kids ‘ classmates, there are people who really freezing. If we have a battery, even at night was a little warm in some houses they were disabled at all. And hot water was not there.

Industrial accidents on such a scale was not in Moscow since 2005, when the result of an accident at an electrical substation in Chagin much of the city was de-energized. Then the Muscovites in the last hour glued to the radio and tried to call dispatch. Now the considerable part of Muscovites that, as it turns out, does: social networking and instant messengers give all the necessary information.

In the control room, for example, I didn’t call, says Love Brimmer. — All news about our accident learned and learn from the parent chats. It turns out that it is a source of information about everything — especially with regard to regional news.

What parent chat first sounded the alarm on the eve, November 29. Those who went in 3rd Park street in the evening, saw the current on the street water and numerous emergency crews quickly reveals the asphalt. It became clear that there was some serious accident. But how serious is understood when you start to disconnect heating.

Bad signal

Each industrial accident — especially in the winter, when disruptions in the Central heating may cost human lives, brings to life both the “accursed Russian question”: who is guilty and what to do. The first of them now meet the experts, their results will publish only in a few days. Now obviously only one thing: an accident is an accident, but there is a bug in the operating system.

— To talk about the cause of the accident will be, in the good, only the results of the examination, — told the “MK” Victor Curly, Deputy Minister of energy of Russia in 1996-2003. You need to check the condition of the pipe: is there external corrosion, internal corrosion, what were the conditions of exploitation. Such accidents happen, but a very bad signal — it happened at the beginning of the heating season.

As a rule, breaks of heating systems occur in February-March, at the end of the heating season, said Curly. Then it can be explained as fatigue or hidden defects. But if the highway has lasted so long, only a couple of months — so something was really wrong. What you need to study. Primarily involves energy, it should be understood, as performed routine repairs.

— There is such a right, and I think that it could not cancel, — says Victor Kinky, just before the start of the season kept the trunk at high pressure for one hour. This is according to the standards. And when I worked on these issues, we for reliability were kept for four hours.

CHP forever

A separate question — that this accident reveals the signature shortcomings of the Soviet system of Central heating. Something happens on one section of the highway — and that’s without heat in the winter are hundreds of thousands of people. But on the same Park streets in the 1960-ies, before the construction of the TETS-23, there was a boiler yard. A distributed heating system would provide greater fault tolerance, burst pipe will damage only one yard, but not the whole area.

In this sense we are all hostages of Soviet centralization utilities — agrees the relevant expert of the Fund “Institute of a city economy Dmitry Gordeyev. Even in cases when the individual’s house would like to unsubscribe from DH and to install its own boiler, communal resist it. And it’s clear why: the smaller CHP clients, the more work it remaining in the system home. The Soviet super-centralized system is advantageous to look only at the expense of scale. And if the practice of nursing from the CHP plant and the commissioning of self-heating will be massive, it will be the end of all these powerful energy suppliers.

But since you can afford to completely reformat the engineering system cannot even Moscow, the capital’s residents can only hope for the best, and the city authorities — to invest in the system eliminate accidents. And supply, as discussed earlier, to its highest pitch system maintenance and heating.

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