These horrible insects: as small as a bedbug was the cause of the great fire

Just one tiny but very nasty insect was the cause of a serious fire in the U.S. state of Ohio. The teenager, who discovered a in bed bug and decided his “cremation” in the end burned his and several neighboring apartments.


“Wanted as better…” – A slightly altered phrase of Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin, you can start a story about this funny and tragic at the same time history. Although the course of events is not consistent with the second part Chernomyrdin verbal masterpiece. The result is not “as always” – it was a real exclusive!

It is reported in the news, citing the Associated Press.

On the night of November 29 in one of the houses of the American city of Cincinnati had a serious fire. Culprit it became 13-the summer local, which in turn “translate arrows” on the malicious blood-sucking creature. Going to bed, the guy found the bed bug and decided to deal with it. And chose a very unusual way: he grabbed a bottle of alcoholic drink poured out of her plot sheets, on which sat the insect, and struck a match. Broke out as the flames not only killed the parasite but also covered the entire bed, and then spread it on the walls, other furniture… As a result sparked a large fire, which affected a total of six apartments. Arrived on-call firefighters had to evacuate them from eight people – three adults and five children. Fortunately, in the end no one was hurt (except for the unfortunate bug). However, the total damage from fire experts have estimated in 300 thousand dollars. Fire victims, left homeless, assisting local red cross office.

Alas, the occurrence of fires due to some truly stupid, ridiculous reasons – is not uncommon.

Only a little over a month ago, on October 18 in the United States occurred “fire incident” akin to the current. A resident of Arizona decided to “lime root” spiders, bred at the corners in the basement of his home. “Disinfection” is he smart enough to implement using a portable gas burner. As a result of the improvised flamethrower in the building the fire broke out. The owner called the fire, and as they drove, with the help of neighbors carried from the burning building his elderly mother – inexperienced tow in the confusion struck the old woman a pretty serious injury. As for home, fire it arrived firefighters extinguished in less than a quarter of an hour, but the building suffered serious damage.

In the past there were indeed anecdotal cases of the unintentional arson. The reason some of them were… human gas!

As shown by studies of experts, “gas burner”, given human nature, is able to create flatus – flame, reaching up to 30 centimeters in length. The main thing is: at the right time in the right place to light the match. Here are some of them strike!

Attempt conducting self-experiments in this field have repeatedly led to disastrous results. Mention one of these cases, the correspondent “MK” was able at the time to find the documents of emergency call relating to the end of the 1990s.

Brigade ambulance arrived on call in one of apartments found there two boys with burns. The cause was a failed experiment with human “exhaust”. In fact, the boy “shot”, hit the lower back area, and his assistant, that bringing a match, flashed flatus seared hand…

Among the pre-revolutionary police reports about incidents at the mother see of there was a mention of a fire in one of the houses. The reason is the same – inflamed intestinal gas. Drunken master wanted, you see, to prove the guest-companion that will be able to force their own “wind” to blow out a burning candle!.. The effect surpassed all expectations. Ignited by a candle “bunch” got to the nearby window curtains, and off we go… Almost the entire room didn’t work!

After completing the “gas” theme, we can mention a completely unique case from another “Opera”. It happened in the middle of the last century in one of the English cities. There, a young man decided to propose to his lovely girlfriend, who lived with his parents in the neighborhood. At the appointed festive day the groom with the friend came to the house of his future bride, but as it turned out, slightly rushed, confusing time. While the owners hastily dressed and prepared for the ceremony, the young people decided to pass waiting for a game of Billiards. A billiard room was on the second floor, and during the party the groom is so awkward hit one of the balls that flew off the table and landed in the window. Trouble did not end there. Breaking glass billiard ball “dived” down – located on the ground floor a porch. Drop it was very disappointing: heavy “is” knocked over a lighted candle standing on the table, and she broke out near the decorative drapery. In a moment the fire cleared on the veranda. Friends rushed to extinguish the fire, their shouts and ran home. When the flame was finally put out, stained with soot, burn injuries and damage to ceremonial costumes home owners began to understand how such an emergency might occur. Confession of the candidate for grooms did not save him: having learned what the matter was, the girl’s parents insisted the young man at the door. The wedding eventually did not take place.

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