Ukrainian pensioner blew up the accused in the court room because of red tape

In the Russian City Trubnikov – Nikopol Dnipropetrovsk region on Thursday happened a terrible tragedy. In the courtroom pensioner Ruslan Chapaev, a close relative of the victim, detonated two hand grenades. So the man responded to the announced by the presiding officer at the meeting next heard the high profile case. The incident occurred at 12.40 Moscow time. The hearing lasted just over half an hour…


Hall of the Nikopol city court to use for its intended purpose is ready, in the best case, by the middle of next week. The walls and ceiling spattered with blood, they still hold fragments of bodies – the “granulometria” and the three defendants Romana, Jmurko, Sergey Voronovsky and Denis Podolyak. Also injured the guards, the court Secretary (her Desk was located directly behind the “cage”) and a woman present in the room.

The story began 10 Feb 2016. Then in Nikopol was riddled with bullets barely drive off from the car Park Geely white. The masked attackers, who arrived on the scene two cars, artfully clipped Geely, “fulfilled the order” and instantly disappeared from the place of execution.

One of the two victims was Rizwan Chapaev – son Ruslan Tapaeva. “Evil tongues” was talking like the guy-the athlete is in the “gang,” the roof of the drug trade. This theme, incidentally, practiced and effect.

Wanting to save the reputation of their own child, the father of the deceased had sent a letter to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov asked in order to take the investigation into the death of Rizvan Tapaeva under his personal control.

In General, in recent years this Chechen family fatally unlucky. Exactly a year ago another son Ruslan, Sultan Chapaev, made arrival on two inhabitants of Nikopol. Both young women died. Already mentioned the Nikopol city court sentenced Tapaeva Jr. to 4 years of imprisonment.

This fact was used by the accused in the murder of Rizvan Roman Jmurko, Sergei Voronov and Denis Podolyak. They promised, if the court’s guilty verdict, to “deal” with prison Sultan by Chapaevym; allegedly, they all “areas” have “their people”.

Chapaev Sr., according to representatives of the Chechen Diaspora of Dnipropetrovsk, a respectable father of a large family, formerly worked zootechnician, however, left work on disability.

Most likely, Ruslan Chapaev intended to save the life of her son to the Sultan, through the physical elimination of Jmurko, Voronovsky and podolyaka. To produce the murder weapon at the “front” of the Dnipropetrovsk region was easy. Some UBD – combatants – could bring “Souvenirs from the Donbass” even in quite remote from the ATO Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region. Despite the fact that on the way home “Volunteers” unceremoniously “shake” almost in every region along the way.

The adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak recalled for repairs in Nikopol court several months in a row lacked the metal detector. Undoubtedly, Ruslan Chapaev, regularly walked to all the previous suzbijanja, could not ignore such “democracy.” “Maybe a radical solution of a disabled person made the psychological factor, – said Zorian nestorowicz. – Lawyers for the defendants successfully found a new reason for postponement of meetings; process threatened to turn into a long-running…”.

According to the famous television journalist and a volunteer of anti-terrorist operation Alexey Mochanov, who died Ruslan Chapaev did not believe in a fair and principled the court, therefore, decided to administer justice himself. The cost of his own life.

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