14-year-old Muscovite was hospitalized after being struck by bottle at school

The eighth-grader from school in the Moscow district of Yasenevo, received on November 28 on the head with a bottle of juice from pupils in the parallel class, is in hospital in a satisfactory condition, health threats no.

As it became known “MK”, 14 year old girl was hurt by accident — seventh period she performed work on the technology early, and asked for leave to the teacher of geography is to show the assignment. And when the girl moved up the stairs between the second and the first floor, her head hit a plastic bottle, which was 200 grams of juice. Guys eighth graders throwing capacity into each other and accidentally hit the girl.

The schoolgirl did not tell about what happened to the teachers, moreover, on 29 November she were present all day in the classroom, and the malaise felt on the morning of 30 November. Her mother called the school, complained of a headache of her daughter and announced that he will take her to the Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology. Here, doctors diagnosed a young female patient brain concussion and was hospitalized. In the hospital she will not stay long. By the way, the boys-little man has already apologized.

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