Alla Ioshpe and stahan Rakhimov: “Pugacheva not mad”

“We survived because we were together” — I say to myself Alla Ioshpe and stakhan Rakhimov. This year they have iconic: Alla already had a birthday, and stahan here will celebrate its 80th anniversary. Yes, the holiday of Hanukkah, on this day, artists always give your concert. Iospe Rakhimov and happy creative life, and very dramatic. But they never give up, never lose heart. They’re fine!

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— Recently on the same channel showed the film “a List Lapina”. Lapin was the king and God, the friend of Brezhnev, Chairman of the television. And, they say, the anti — Semite- has removed Jews from the Soviet stage, has blocked their way. Mulerman, Vedischeva, Brodskaya, Mondrus — people from this list. All gone. Do Lapin was so terrible?

Alla Ioshpe:

We never spoke to the powers that be. Don’t know if we were in this honorable list, but just in case we got there. We that all the Jews had relative attitude through me, stajan pure Uzbek. Know is he forced me to sing Jewish songs and write them down.

And you are going to go to Israel. As I understand it — to be treated.

— Yes, and no one is oppressed. We played a lot on radio constantly heard our songs. Went to those that wanted to, and our CEO about us and said, “They are unmanageable”. We are planning a tour. But one day, when we sang “Hava Nagila”, we took on all concerts. It was such a hit! We were the official program was called “Songs of the peoples of the world.” There was all songs, even African. We sang it in Omsk. And then there was the concert in “Luzhniki” in Moscow, and we have asked the head of Rosconcert Boris Brunov: “Borechka we can sing “Hava Nagila”? Listen to this: “Sure, why not”. There was so much applause, the hall simply didn’t allow us to leave. We are proud go into the dressing room and all of a sudden we heard a thud, like for us the crowd runs. Hear: “wait, Wait, who told you to sing this song?” And then another war between Israel and the Arabs began. Boris Brunov stands, turns and leaves. And we took on all concerts and tours for violation of labor discipline. It was such a time.

Stahan Rakhimov:

— You know, when they built the concert Studio “Ostankino”, Yury Silantyev there are constantly concerts. So in his orchestra, 70 percent were Jews. Composers: Mark Fradkin, Edward Kolmanovsky, Oscar Feltsman… Poets: Mike Ryabinin…

And Ryabinin, too?

— How! And another, and another. Soloists: Kobzon, ISPE and Uzbek Rakhimov. When Lapin looked at this list, cried: “are You crazy?! So many Jews…” and went. From this point the Jews began to filter.

A. I.:

— Sthana was the song “Zhuravlenok”. There are these words: “the Country saw you flying…” He is singing, already choked people. And Lapin song was canceled. “What is this country? he said. Which is warmer, the birthplace of the Jew?” What I had for my Horse. “More haste, less speed, more will see strong love, and as a result he will check: the farther you are, the slower you go”. It was called “monologue of the old horse, walking in the old square.”

And what she saw Lapin?

— How?! Somewhere they are slow and steady and they will continue. Had a meeting at the Moscow concert, which decided to ban this song. And hung the order: “to Ban Alla Ioshpe and Stahan Rakhimov sing songs of Alla Ioshpe, and only the songs of the members of the Union of composers”.

S. R.:

— You can’t imagine how destroyed records, how many records is something incredible. Recently we were shown a list where banned was four names: Rostropovich, Vishnevskaya, ISPE and Rakhimov.

A. I.:

We are very proud of this list. For ten years we will not start up.

S. R.:

— It’s all because of me. Was the first Secretary of the Communist party of Uzbekistan Sharaf Rashidov. He said he will see me sooner in the far East than in the middle. He came to me as my son was treated, said: “Maybe enough for you to hang out in Moscow. Let’s go home.”

A. I.:

He is very loved and very offended.

S. R.:

— So I got a call from the Ministry of culture of Uzbekistan, said: “We want the title to give, but I can’t. It is necessary that Alla was Rahimova”. We wanted to do a double surname, and gave the example of Valentina Tereshkova, who then became Nikolayeva-Tereshkova. “So she’s been in space, and you do not” — said to us.

— Listen, then was left concerts. Vysotsky were, for example. You were in contact?

S. R.:

— Of course, we had to open for him. And Raikin opener.

A. I.:

— Once we said we were going to record on the street Kachalova. Come and we recorded girl, so interesting! And when she sang, we were approached by someone from the administration and said, “Remember this name. This will be a Megastar”. This was our first meeting with Alla Pugacheva.

The years have passed. We toured America, and brought us an article. Hello there ask the question: why are you so often change their husbands? And she said, “Well, right! I want everything about me used to say, and then just as quickly forget Alla Ioshpe and Stahan Rakhimov. Because they are together all the time”. She didn’t understand one thing: we survived only because they were together. But to Alla, no complaints, she’s a great singer.

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