God — gods, but with restrictions

I would not be surprised if in the foreseeable future, Sweden will overwhelm any adversity. For example, the Swedish Academy will not be enough money for the Nobel prize, hockey team infamously lose the next world Cup or completely freeze the largest waterfall Tanforan.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

And all because at them is about the wrath of God. In any case, I personally would have hated the fact that the Lutheran Church of Sweden has removed from the rules of conducting services of the word “He” and “Lord” that is denied to God in the masculine beginning. It is proposed to use gender-neutral language, because God is not a man.

But somehow, over the millennia no one talked about him “she” or “it”, not depicted in the female form or in the form of Google, which now urges to pray to the former Executive Director of Anthony Lewandowski.

And anyway, I believe that anyone who feels like a man, including God, want to confirm this once again and to punish those who flout all the basics, including the Holy Trinity. Especially since Swedish people, sixty per cent Lutheran, as we do, there is even a saying “God loves a Trinity”. Not to mention the fact that he created man in his image and likeness and it is unlikely that something was forgotten or messed up.

It would be most simple to assume that it’s just the female intrigues, because the Swedish Church is headed by a woman Archbishop. Maybe they and it’s a shame that they originate from a piece of men’s ribs, but we tolerate what we have because of this, the bottom edge shorter. Unless, of course, the material Eva is not gone the so-called false edge.

Swedes and before you could suspect the attraction to the average family. Take them to the city — malmö, luleå, umeå, Visby, gävle, åre… Well at least the capital Oslo, and Stockholm. Is it any wonder that Sweden was the first country where same-sex marriages are recognized by the Church? Now they are ready to go ahead and justify “blurring” even divine. And if they are in the family of “one parent” and “parent two”, the God who turns? Zero?..

In our country on the eve of the inexorably approaching New year in much the same way decided to encroach on another, no less sacred to most people the creature that every child waiting for the gifts that will appear January 1, under a tree, creates his children’s prayers. As you may have guessed, we are talking about Santa Claus, who also, admittedly, is not a man.

Many years before, nothing happened, and then the officials of a number of cities have decided to ban his appearance in kindergartens. In Novosibirsk referred to psychologists who claim that children are small and Santa Claus is they do not understand. Snow white (again, there is discrimination of masculinity), although undesirable, and together — in any time.

Maybe, of course, psychologists mean that children, though small, but smart and can distinguish a man from a woman. And what they have questions why such an old grandpa goes together with such a young Maiden. If she is the Grand daughter, where are her parents? If they are, then why isn’t she with them?

One could, of course, try to go by the Lutheran Church of Sweden and to explain to the children that Santa Claus is not a man at all. But this path is very thorny, for the Swedes it has turned into conflict with other churches. So much easier to prevent.

In Kirov, however, it will be possible to invite to the party of Santa Claus, but this will require the decision of the parent Committee, and the artist needs to pay the kindergarten 400 rubles per one group. And in Kazan Grandfathers frosts from now on will represent only the parents, but for this they will need medical records and proof of no criminal record.

Simon Semyonitch


It dawned on

Don’t know — teach. Do not want — to teach to want.

Good news optimist delight, disappoint a pessimist.

The new generation from the old only rake get.

Oh, the Pegasus would be the flashing light on the withers quickly would Parnassus arrived!

From the verdict of fate the bribe does not pay off.

Drink — eagle, don’t drink — a white crow.

Ilya Gerchikov


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