In Georgia, eliminated the international terrorist, who has repeatedly released secret services

Terrorist Akhmed chatayev, nicknamed “one-Armed Ahmed” could be called elusive, if not for the fact that catching it repeatedly. That’s only after the proceedings of Thriller was released, he did not spend in prison more than a year. It is believed that Chatayev had organized the terrorist attack at the airport in Istanbul in June 2016, which claimed the lives of 43 people. That during a special operation in Tbilisi could be eliminated Akhmet Chatayev, said earlier the head of service of state security of Georgia Vakhtang gomelauri. After conducting the identification procedure by DNA this version was confirmed.

Akhmet Chatayev. Photo: social networks

The special operation in Tbilisi began on the night of November 22 after several people opened fire at the police from Windows of a house. Giorgobiani explained that “two militants were eliminated in a shootout with employees of security service and interior Ministry, Akhmed Chatayev committed suicide by exploding a grenade.”

“Fighting” the way chatayev is truly impressive. He was born in 1980 in the village of Vedeno (Chechen Republic). Presumably, during the second Chechen war, he lost an arm above the elbow. In Russia it is considered representative of Doku Umarov and was accused of funding militants and a member of the group. Wanted in Russia, it was announced in 2003. But with the position of our intelligence services did not agree to Austria, where a terrorist has received the status of refugee, referring to the fact that the home had been subjected to torture.

In 2008, chatayev, and several Chechens were detained in Sweden. In his car police found a gun in the end Chatayev more than a year spent in a local prison, but then was safely released.

In January 2010, Akhmed chatayev was detained again, now in Ukraine. When it found the user manual to explosives, as well as photos of the dead.

But history intervened again Europe – the European court of justice banned the issuing of the action of Russia, so the Ukrainians gave chatayev Georgia.

Somewhat perplexed by this “gift” Georgians away from sin brought on chatayev criminal case, however details are not known.

Some time Chatayev held in Georgian prison, then freed, stayed in Georgia and even married. But, apparently, quiet family life came to the killer’s taste. In 2011 he was detained on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. Bulgarian court took into account the “track record” of terrorist and initially decided to extradite him to Russia, but the appellate court reversed that decision.

And Chatayev returned to his vending of Georgia, the redistribution of power within the country and attempts to get closer to Europe appeared on his hand. At the end of August 2012 in Lopota gorge in Georgia was a shootout between Georgian police and militants. The Georgian interior Ministry announced that the gorge arrested a wounded Ahmed Chatayev, he was called one of the members of militant groups. Intervened in the situation with Georgian and European human rights activists. chatayev was again acquitted.

Reason to doubt that Chatayev fell victim to the Russian aggression in Chechnya appeared only after it was discovered his connection with the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). He fought in Syria, and was almost the main recruiter of fighters in the territory of the former CIS.

According to one version he was the recruiter of a student of the Moscow state University Barbara Karaulova, who was detained while trying to illegally cross the Turkish-Syrian border. Despite the fact that the relationship chatayev and Karaulova repeatedly mentioned in the media, citing law enforcement, the girl’s mother Kira Karaulov in conversation with “MK” this version is not confirmed.

“The first time I hear about this man,” she said.

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