Searches of the submarine “San Juan” stopped: what happened with the Argentine submarine

More than two weeks, an international team of rescuers searched for the Argentine submarine “San Juan”, missing in the sea near the coast of Patagonia. And here the Argentina Navy had to admit that 44 members of the crew on Board, apparently will not be able to save the oxygen in the submarine, presumably, ended a few days ago. The search operation is not terminated, but part of participating in it equipment have been withdrawn. Now experts are looking for only the wreckage of the submarine.

photo: AP

“Despite the scale of the effort, we were unable to locate submarines, — said the official representative of the Navy of Argentina Enrique Balbi. — We received information from two independent international sources that reported that in the area of loss of the vessel was fixed a sound anomaly. It was later confirmed that they were consistent with the explosion.”

The representative of the Navy of Argentina also said that the missing ship was searched twice longer than the regulation two weeks. On Board were 44 crew members, including one woman. While the wreckage can not find, the government will not declare them dead.

Connection with the “San Juan” was lost on 15 November, when the submarine was halfway to the base in Mar del Plata. Before that, the captain of the vessel reported problems with the battery system. As recently became known, it happened due to the fact that sea water got into the snorkel tube, which is used to replenish the air required for engine operation and ventilation of the vessel. This caused a short circuit in the battery system that caught fire and began to smolder. But the fire was soon extinguished, and the faulty part of the system isolated. The captain reported that the submarine will continue to sail on the energy of diesel and aft batteries.

Almost 12 hours the ship remained afloat, but then communication was lost with him. Based in Austria Treaty Organization comprehensive nuclear test and later announced that one of its hydroacoustic stations recorded a sound similar to an explosion, in the area of the missing submarine.

However the world until the last did not lose hope to find the submarine. In search-and-rescue operations, according to si-EN-EN was attended by more than 4000 specialists, including from Russia, as well as 28 ships and nine aircraft. 18 countries in one form or another, supported the mission to rescue submariners.

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