The court confiscated the fleet and billions Zakharchenko in favor of the state

Nikulinskiy Moscow court on Friday turned into the income of state funds and property of the former head of the anticorruption Department of the MIA of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko, totaling about 9 billion rubles. Achieving this decision, the Prosecutor pointed out that the Colonel, his family and wife do not have documents confirming the legality of origin of such income.


It clarifies the TV channel “Rain”, the Prosecutor General’s office demanded to confiscate 13 apartments, 14 cars, two Mercedes Benz and two Porsche Cayenne GTS, a pound of gold in bullion. With virtually the entire amount was the money found in the apartment of the sister Zakharchenko – 8 billion rubles.

The month-long litigation over the state spoke Zakharchenko himself from prison, his father, former cohabitants, relatives. The mother of his child Anastasia Pestrikova claimed that 14 million of the arrested sums belong to her. Mother and sister Zakharchenko believe that the money they “planted”. And the father of the Colonel said that he earned capital.

Zakharchenko himself in court said: “It’s absurd”. He believes that the price of apartments purchased in the construction phase, high public Prosecutor’s office, and one of them issued on his mother and always stated officially. The lawyer of the Colonel and all claimed that the essence of the dispute is to persuade Zakharchenko’s confessions in a criminal case.

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Meanwhile it became known about the new accusations against Zakharchenko associated with bribes. They relate to his stay in Sochi and the obtaining of the discount card of a restaurant.

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