Birthdays December 2 and 3


Ivan Bagramyan (1897-1982), commander, twice hero of the Soviet Union

Gianni Versace (1946-1997), fashion designer

Maria Callas (1923-1977), the legend of the Opera scene

Vitaly Mansky (1963), documentary filmmaker, producer

Nikolai Pankov (1954), state Secretary — Deputy defense Minister

Vladimir Permyakov (1952), actor, more popularly known as Lenya Golubkov

Yuri Raksha (1937-1980), painter (“the Kulikovo Field”)

Britney Spears (1981), pop singer


Nina Doroshina (1934), actress and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), writer–marine painter

Mikhail Koshkin (1898-1940) designer, Creator of the T‑34

Anton Kulbachevsky (1967), head of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow city

Igor Larionov (1960), hockey player, two times Olympic champion

Julianne Moore (1960), actress, winner of “Oscar”

Vladimir Chizhov (1953), the permanent representative of Russia to the European Union

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