“Can’t stand it anymore” who hounded the widow of the former soloist “ivanushek”

The ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki” Oleg Yakovlev died in June of this year. But the passion surrounding his name do not cease to this day.

Fans of the musician like purposefully decided to “drown” the widow of artist Alexander Kutsevol. First, the girl almost accused in the death of a musician — did not finish, not recovered spouse. Then they started talking about inheritance. Further — more. There was an audio recording, where the musician admitted that he has a child. So in the end, Kutsevol blamed the fact that she abandoned the grave of the deceased.

We caught up with Alexandra Kutsevol that told where they went all the rumors.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe
Sasha Kutsevol and Oleg Yakovlev

– After the death of Oleg began to appear a lot knowing people who claimed to know about him much more than me. I’ve tried, can’t do it. There is a limit. And I want to appeal through your newspaper to anyone who behaves in such names won’t mention, all these people know who they are. Stop this persecution, we should not climb into someone else’s life. The latest boiling point in all of this filth was a story that happened on the birthday of Oleg. Before my friends and ennobled his grave, took away the stones that marked the graveyard, bringing flowers. It is clear that to the monument while the case is not reached. I come to this thoroughly — it is necessary to choose, to think about the sketch. I’m not going to explain anything to anyone and to prove in this case. I can say one thing, work on the monument goes. All the time. Actress Lyudmila Kasatkina put a monument three years later. No one was indignant. It’s not just the stone put. But people differently perceive the situation and added unhealthy excitement. So the day before my birthday I found out that some people have been raising funds to erect a monument on the grave of the musician. The money collected even with kids with disabilities who are fans of Yakovlev. Murky story. I quickly stopped – published in the social network post that no money nobody collects all this was the handiwork of fraudsters. In the end, after a couple of days in mass-media there were publications that Oleg’s relatives dropped by the grave, and the fans on own funds is now taking care of her. Provided photos of the graves before and after. Only the first card was made the day of the funeral, even when there was nothing there. Second, just after my birthday, when my friends had been there, decorated the place as best they could, left the flowers. But one woman left a comment: “Sasha takes care of the tomb. We got together and put things in order”. But this is nonsense. How can you lie?

– Who is this woman?

It often flashes on the screen, introduced himself as a journalist, goes on a talk show makes money that way. I usually try not to react to such things. But when I received the news about the grave, I could not remain silent. This lady took part in all the programs about Yakovlev. Said that is his girlfriend. In its latest version — Oleg even chose, with whom to live — with her or with me. And then started hounding me. She accused me of not only what is possible. Could not calm down. Although after the death of Oleg it’s been 5 months. And then I decided to make public a video that was kept from me in 2013. For the record, Oleg says just that lady. He didn’t want to see her, so she never approached us. Then he insulted any publication made on its behalf.

We watched the video, which is clearly visible as Oleg Yakovlev chastises the girl: “I would have asked for more never any articles with regards to me, because I really will bring you to justice. Really, never in my life that you haven’t touched more in my head… do you understand me? I hope! I very gently and softly (turns his head companion to the camera), no violence. Never again. You’re the author. You have trespassed on private property, you hurt me and Sasha. If you’re a journalist rotten, then it’s your problem. I don’t want to see you. Please set me free.”

After the conversation, we have not seen her for four years – continues Kutsevol. She didn’t come to any concert, nothing about us wrote. Appeared again after the death of Oleg. Now she knows he’s not the answer, so you launched a war against me. Moreover, this lady some time ago gave journalists an audio recording of the alleged interview with Oleg. where he says that he has a child. I know how this entry appeared. It is precisely the Yakovlev told not to interview all of these things and especially not on the record. He didn’t know that the conversation will be recorded.

And what about the kids?

– Oh, it’s funny. It was an ordinary sitting on the bench, where he blurted out, they say, but there are children. He always jokingly said: “Yes, I have a bunch of kids across the country” because often asked this question — Oleg got tired of him. By the way, during that interview, she received a decent fee. Free does nothing. Therefore, earns Oleg.

– Have you tried to contact this person?

Why? While I restrain myself. Released only video that it became clear who she is and whether or not to invite her to the talk show. It is too rich imagination, she lives them. Sad.

– By the way, the niece of musician not too long ago said that Sasha is the grave of Oleg irrelevant?

– As for relatives, Oleg, I try to avoid this topic, that someone commented, I’m not interested. This is a negative story that got me.

– Do you communicate with relatives Yakovlev?

I don’t want this topic to talk about. Not yet. It’s not easy. The only thing I want to thank the real fans of Oleg. Which support me. A lot of them. Without their support I couldn’t have done it.

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