Danish area 2 and 3 December


The international day for the abolition of slavery.

1897 — in Moscow in the building of the Upper trading rows, was opened the first permanent theater (electric theatre).

1927 — opened in Moscow on 15-th Congress of the CPSU(b), endorsing the directives on the first five-year plan and the collectivization of agriculture.

1942 — receipt of Enrico Fermi’s first controlled nuclear chain reaction.

1987 construction begins on the tunnel under the English channel between England and France.


The day of the Unknown Soldier in Russia.

International day of persons with disabilities.

The day of lawyer.

1967 — in Cape town held the first in the history of medicine a heart transplant. Professor Christian Barnard, transplanted the heart of the mortally wounded 25‑year-old woman 55‑year-old patient.

1992 — the first sent SMS message.

1997 signed the Ottawa Treaty banning the use, production, stockpiling and export of anti-personnel mines.

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