Do not complicate the life of “Satyricon”!

How many accusations lately showered on the head of the “Satyricon”, which is a wandering from one rented place to another, waiting for the completion of the new building: the leadership was criticized, and the conflict of interests and in some financial impropriety. But why not learn first hand — how things are at this moment? Our questions are answered Director of “Satyricon” Anatoly Palankin.

The Director Of “Satyricon” Anatoly Palankin. Photo courtesy of the press service of the theater “Satyricon”

— Now everyone is discussing the situation around the “Satyricon”: so, you personally, and Konstantin Raikin has a conflict of interest situation with the construction of a new building or not?

— The fact that the artistic Director of theatre Konstantin Raikin, and I, as Director, really are among the founders of the company-investor for the reconstruction and construction of the new theater building. As well as those companies that received at different times, the orders of the theater. But we must remember that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation (which is, sorry, of the Federal law “On noncommercial organizations”, “On combating corruption”) transactions with affiliates or related party transactions by themselves is NOT PROHIBITED. It is only necessary to notify the appropriate state agencies. Moreover, all relations with partners and contractors of the theater totally transparent, meet the requirements of the legislation, passed all coordination, including the Ministry of culture; heads of theater in the related party transactions were known to the Ministry for a long time, and — that’s strange — until October 2016 did not cause any objections. Once again: all procedures are in agreement we executed in full and on time. Confirm that all necessary documents according to the results of numerous inspections and audits from the Prosecutor’s office and other agencies.

— What kind of test was it? Who is checked? Because in the media it sounds different information about these audits, it is unclear whether they were two, or six, and who ever reviewer?

— Here everything is clear. From October 2016 the Russian Prosecutor’s office conducted several inspections. Moreover, the last two were held in October 2017. For all the results to us was filed by the prosecution, only ONE requirement, and then a few days later it was withdrawn. And even in spite of opinion, we all the issued and reported it to the Prosecutor, and the Ministry of culture. This is the first.

Second. The Ministry itself was held five in-house inspections. Also, from October 2016 to October 2017 we was filed about 20 complaints about the conduct of our procurement of 44-FZ and 223-FZ. But it is interesting that after all their checks with the participation of the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation of violations were confirmed in only two cases. And both violations are eliminated.

Finally, the results of complex inspection of the Ministry of culture of the financial-economic activities of theatre for 2013-2016 we have prepared a Plan to correct observations: we have painted all the timing fixes. The points pertaining to 2017, this plan is executed, and we received the award for performance of the given assignment for the first, second, third and fourth quarters of 2017.

So all the accusations of the leaders of the “Satyricon” of corruption, conflict of interest, inefficient use of budget funds is not justified and have not received confirmation.

— Well, what is the role of the state in reconstruction and construction of the new theater building?

It’s a long story. Briefly this is the case.

Initially (i.e., 1997-2005) construction and reconstruction was carried out on budget money in the framework of the Federal target program. Alas, funding was poor, and by 2005 it ceased completely.

Solution of a desperate situation was the transfer of construction in the format of the investment project (for example the current private-public partnership). That is, an investor created a new legal entity, namely OOO “Art invest”. And this approach has been adopted in 2005 based on the findings of the Expert Department of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, and, with the active support of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Among the founders of the “Art-invest” became the artistic Director Konstantin Raikin and, therefore, I am the Director of theatre. Why? In order to protect the interests of the theatre, and to attract the necessary funding from co-investors.

— All procedures on conflict of interest have been met?

— Of course! Invest-the contract concluded on 21 April 2006, and then prepared and signed three additional agreements. The first two of them passed all coordination with state agencies. The only exception is the additional agreement No. 3 dated October 20, 2016, which was not agreed by the Ministry of culture. It provides for an increase in the estimates and timing of construction in connection with which became known in August 2016 essential circumstance, namely hitting the construction site in the technical area of the organization of the third interchange circuit in the vicinity of the station “Maryina Roshcha”. The formal reason for the refusal was purely a technical error in the schedules for the works.

— So what will be soon on the site of the old Satyricon?

— It is important that “the Satyricon” has a long and glorious history, the theatre has gone through and still going through difficult times, but have retained their distinct face and recognizable, unique style. A will is a modern multifunction theater center that meets the spirit of the time, with the appropriate “filling”: the restoration of the large auditorium and the construction of an experimental high-tech auditorium, and a new small hall – transformer, and adapted premises for the storage of scenery, and, finally, the real theater space for a rewarding stay our audience…

— In the shopping center “Raikin-Plaza” what interest you?

— Oh, my God, absolutely no! We (neither I nor Konstantin Arkadievich) are neither owners nor shareholders do not receive any dividends and carry this shopping center Raikin’s name because it is (use the name of Raikin) was part of the contract with the private investor, and a part of the contract was the construction of the High school for performing arts, which now runs successfully.

— But still the government subsidizes you, isn’t it?

— Of course. Theatre “the Satyricon” is a Federal, state theatre and funded from the Federal budget. In 2015 we are working in rented premises in connection with the reconstruction of our house. Have received and continue to receive grants through the Ministry of culture. But. While we do our best to generate income in addition to subsidies under the rental model. But not at the expense of higher prices for tickets. This theater is unacceptable (despite the persistent guidance of the Ministry of culture). Unfair to the audience, and unproductive in our position from a business point of view. For financial support to the creative team for the first time we applied for a grant: “the Satyricon” became its first recipient of the Presidential grant. We are very grateful to all for the support!

— So lately from the lips of officials of the Ministry of culture heard some accusations of “failure theater”, specifically in low attendance, lack of profitability. It is clear that the theatre is going through hard times. How is this justified? Whether fans of “Satyricon” experience?

— Not necessary! Attendance from month to month is growing! And this despite the fact that the “Satyricon” for the third season running on leased sites, which have to spin again. Can you imagine what it is?

Basic lease stage IMC “planet of KVN” the performances are in the teatrium na serpukhovke and with the new season at the Palace of culture MAI. Of course, for the whole team such a regime is extremely difficult. But we are making efforts to improve the attendance of their performances and, consequently, profitability. But the problem for us is the number of performances.

In the first half year of this difficult period the average attendance for the same show has grown slowly from 52 % to 68 %. In the third and fourth quarters of 2016, the year we managed to bring the number up to 72-75 %. For the first quarter of 2017 — is already 84 %.

In General, on November 1, 2017, the theatre has fulfilled and exceeded the state assignment for all the key indicators. Yes, in the dynamics of any audience demand, of course, there are UPS and downs, but we can say the main thing — even in difficult times, the theater fans remain loyal to him, and the audience is the main asset of “Satyricon”.

So we remain confident that all of the current difficulties will be overcome, and after two years (the timing is the second half of 2019), the team will finally find its permanent home.

Alexander Nilov


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