“In the United States for the first time the regulator has allowed stock trading futures bitcoin

Was the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and CBOE Futures Exchange

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– Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and CBOE Futures Exchange has received the permission of the Commission on urgent futures trading in commodities (CFTC) to launch futures on bitcoin.

The exchange Cantor Exchange can offer investors binary options on bitcoin, said in a statement posted on the website of the CFTC, the main regulator of derivatives market in the United States.

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“Cryptocurrency is bitcoin a commodity, not like anything of what we had to deal, – said the head of the CFTC Chris Giancarlo. In this regard we had long talks with exchange operators regarding their proposed contracts, and the CME, CBOE and Cantor agreed to significant improvement of the conditions of contracts to protect customers and preserve order in the markets.”

“Working together with the Commission, CME, CBOE and Cantor set appropriate standards for monitoring contracts for bitcoin,” said Giancarlo.

Market participants, he said, should take into account that the market of bitcoins and exchange bitcoins remain largely unregulated, and the CFTC is limited in terms of their control.

“There are concerns about price volatility and trading practices in these markets,” said Giancarlo.

Futures exchanges are expected to monitor trading activity in the market bitcoins are evaluating the possibility of market manipulation and shifts associated with rapid UPS and downs courses, and disruptions in the auction, the report said the CFTC.

“Investors should remember about the very high levels of volatility and risk accompanying the trading of such contracts,” – noted in the CFTC. CME previously reported that plans to start trading futures bitcoin on 18 December. About the plans to launch bitcoin contracts were announced by the Nasdaq stock market.

Exchange rate for bitcoin has increased the growth on Friday. According coindesk.com the value of the cryptocurrency at 16:50 MSK amounted to $10652,89, whereas prior to the post CFTC bitcoin was trading at $10146,55.

Exchange rate for bitcoin is about $1000 at the beginning of the year, this week rose to $11395 dropped below $9000.

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